Forskolin Belly Buster Weight Loss Supplement Review Forskolin Updated September, 2023
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Forskolin Belly Buster Review

Claiming to be revolutionary in the weight loss battle, Forskolin Belly Buster is the latest, most up and coming product on the market shelves today. This supplement for losing weight originally comes from Forskolin, which is a member of the mint family. How does it work? It is not really that hard to understand. Fatty deposits are blocked by Belly Buster by Forskolin through the breakdown of fat deposits at the level of triglycerides. This in turn protects the forming of newer deposits of fat. With clinical trial after trial proven for backing these claims, this product might just be meeting each and every expectation.


  • 10% Forskolin derived from coleus forkohlii root extract.

This extracted root stimulates the human body’s increase of enzymes lipase. This type of enzyme group are the kind which burns body fat. Also abbreviated to cAMP, Forskolin stimulates this group of enzymes. It is taken from the gland thyroid and helps in burning calories and melting fat. The overdrive in your metabolism which this creates provides all day energy usage. The boost in energy is needed in the process of losing weight. This is an effective, effortless method of losing weight which is successful for many people.

The benefits of cAMP include:

  • Breakdown of fatty tissues- Forskolin activates kinase and breaks triglycerides down, which are the building blocks of fat tissue. Lower triglyceride levels promote health overall.
  • Building lean muscle – increase in the thyroid hormone and testosterone hormones help in fat burning promotion and the development of lean muscles.
  • Fat melting- promotes hormone production and enzyme production in order to burn calories and fat.


On the manufacturer’s website, the dosage was not available. Remember to consult your health care practitioner if you are planning to put yourself through a weight loss regimen.


At the time this review was written, Forskolin was available with these price ranges:

  • $53.88 each for a supply of one month
  • $34.99 each for a supply of two months plus 1 bottle free
  • $28.99 each for a supply of three months plus get 2 bottles free
  • At the moment there is a thirty per cent special inclusive of free shipments through the USPS. In comparison to similar products, this product seems to be on the expensive side. Plus, the number of pills per bottle is not known.


On the website, there is no information on a guarantee being available. On the other hand you can get in touch with the company through their email, phone number, hours of operation and address, which is listed on the website.

Conclusion Of Our Forskolin Belly Buster Review

This product may work for some people, but it lacks in having no forms of guarantees put in place for the consumer.

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