I-Health’s Estroven Review - For Symptoms Associated With Menopause Menopause Updated November, 2020
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 53%

I-Health’s Estroven Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

If you are tired of the symptoms that come with menopause including fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, mood swings and of course, hot flashes, then I-Health claims that Estroven is the right supplement for you. Claiming to be the #1 natural dietary supplement in the USA, they claim to make your life easier by providing relief. In this review of Estroven by I-Health, we will examine whether they really are “#1” in the field.


Although these are some great ingredients found in common menopausal supplements, there were a few things missing. First, there are a several different versions of Estroven available and not much information as to which product is the best. There is a test that can be done online, however it is not enough for a woman to determine her needs. Second, Protykin, which has gone through many studies and is known to be potent as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, is a missing ingredient. Third, and most important, there is no information on the website or online regarding the amount of each ingredient that is actually in the formula. This is especially important for women to know if they are taking the right dosage for their body type.


There is no information on the website about how to take this supplement. Amazon suggests 1 caplet per day as per the label. Each Estroven is different and this can confuse clients. This is important and, usually, standard information but for some reason is not made available for clients.


On the website for I-Health, unless you are dictating which box you are interested in and your information, there is no way to tell the full price. On Amazon, Estroven Relief is sold for $8.60 for 28 caplets, the “Sleep Cool” formula is $9.46 for a 30-count bottle and the Maximum Strength and Energy formula goes for $23.70 for 60 caplets.

Possible Side Effects

While there are no side effects listed on the website, some customers complained that they had trouble breathing and hot flashes actually increased. Many also complained of decreased energy.


No money-back guarantee was seen on the website. This is an unfortunate drawback, preventing new customers from trying any of the Estroven products risk-free.

I-Health’s Estroven Review – The Bottom Line

I-Health promotes its Estroven line of menopause relief products as #1 in the market for helping women deal with the daily effects of menopause. Although they have some key ingredients, their website is not the clearest when it comes to instructions and price, there is no information on the dosage and they do not offer any refund. Do they not believe in their product? Customer reviews also vary with almost 30% telling prospective clients not to buy for fear of side effects, lack of energy and increased hot flashes. After careful review, we would suggest finding an easier solution to menopause: A product that does offer night and day formulas that are clearly listed, better real-world reviews and unambiguous information on the instructions and the price.

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