iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn Detox Review - 7 Day Detox Plan 7 Day Detox Updated June, 2024
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iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn Detox Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This product is a detoxification supplement that is designed to remove excess toxins from the body, release stored waste, and support digestive health. The manufacturer claims that it will enhance bodily functions for quick and effective results. The following review of iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn Detox will outline information pertaining to the product quality and customer support. We have assessed the product’s ability to live up to this claim to ensure that you make an ideal product purchase.


This product formula contains one main ingredient, Thermoxyn Detox Proprietary Blend (900mg). This blend contains several ingredients that are known to support digestive health and boost immune strength. Cascara Sagrada, Rhubarb, Cape Aloe, Senna and Prune Juice are gently ingredients that work to cleanse the colon. Oat Bran, Aloe Vera, Fennel Seed, Goldenseal and Pumpkin Seed are high in fiber, proteins, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. These ingredients work to support digestive health and strengthen the immune system. They promote regular bowel functions. Licorice Root has powerful antioxidant properties and works to soothe the painful symptoms that occur in the gastrointestinal and urinary tract areas. Acidophilus is a probiotic that is responsible for the body’s ability to absorb nutrients efficiently. It works to balance the bacteria in the gut for a healthy digestive system. This formula contains beneficial ingredients, however, lacks several minerals that may improve its ability to deliver ideal results. Calcium and Magnesium, for example, play a role in alleviating uncomfortable symptoms associated with detoxification. That said, it is pleasing to note that this product is produced in a cGMP certified facility. This certification is an indication that quality practices have been used when manufacturing this product.


There are clear directions on how to use this product for optimal benefit. The manufacturer recommends taking one (1) – two (2) capsules upon waking up with a large glass of water. This should be done thirty (30) minutes prior to a light, healthy breakfast. An additional capsule can be taken before bedtime with at least eight (8) ounces of water. Adequate amounts of purified water should be consumed throughout the day. The formula does not stipulate the exact quantities of each ingredient in the proprietary blend, therefore, we cannot accurately gauge whether or not this dosage is sufficient.


This product is sold online at the manufacturer’s website. A bottle of 60 capsules costs $29.99. There are no discounts or bulk-buy deals offered on this product. This is a concern as long-term use may become costly to maintain. There are several more affordable products on the market that provide potent formulas and these should be considered before committing to a purchase.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer does not provide any warnings about potential side effects. This is a concern as the ingredient Cascara Sagrada can cause pain, cramps, and swelling. Users should monitor for any of these reactions and we recommend discontinuing use if you experience them.


There appears to be no guarantee for the purchases of this product. The manufacturer provides contact information but this cannot be considered as a reliable return policy. Customers who are not satisfied with the product may not be able to apply for a refund. This is worrisome as it implies that the manufacturer is not confident in the product’s ability to deliver ideal results. Another major concern is that there are limited customer reviews to vouch for product efficacy. We, therefore, cannot assure that this product will work as intended.

iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn Detox Review – The Bottom Line

This product may seem like an ideal choice. It contains a formula of beneficial detoxifying ingredients and quality is supported by a cGMP certification. That said, the formula lacks a number of ingredients found in competing products. There is no guarantee to cover customers who are unhappy with results and limited customer reviews make it difficult to count on this formula. Furthermore, the worry of potential side effects may make this product an unappealing supplement. Therefore, we recommend opting for a safer and more proven detoxification supplement.

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