Pukka Wholistic Holy Basil Review - For Improved Overall Health Holy Basil Updated June, 2024
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Pukka Wholistic Holy Basil Review

Pukka Wholistic Holy Basil is an herbal supplement that contains a concentrated form of Holy Basil leaf extract to provide many health benefits such as regulating stress and calming the body. The manufacturer uses only the finest quality organic herbs for its supplements to make sure it offers an all-natural and safe alternative treatment.

Holy Basil leaf has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is considered a sacred plant because of its powerful healing properties.

Nowadays, more and more Holy Basil supplements have been popping up in the market offering a healthy treatment for stress with absolutely no side effects. Clinical studies have also been able to show how effective a regular dose of Holy Basil extract can be at minimizing the symptoms of stress such as lack of sleep, exhaustion and memory loss.

Let’s see what Pukka Wholistic Holy Basil really has to offer.


Before trying out any new supplement or medication, it’s important to check out what it’s actually made of. While many herbal supplements claim to be all-natural and pure, some still contain fillers and additives that are unnecessary. Let’s see what Pukka Wholistic Holy Basil is made of.

Each veggie capsule contains:

The company’s web site does not list too much information about its products’ ingredients. It does indicate that each daily serving of two capsules should deliver 9mg of Ursolic acid and Oleanolic acid, which are important stress regulators. This would also mean that each capsule contains roughly 4.5mg of these essential active ingredients.

According to the product literature, two Holy Basil capsules should be equivalent to consuming 31.2 grams of fresh Holy Basil Leaf.


The manufacturer’s recommended dose is one capsule taken twice a day. This is typical of other Holy Basil supplements.

Holy Basil is also considered extremely safe and should not have any harmful side effects even with regular use.


The Pukka Herbs online store offers a bottle of Wholistic Holy Basil for a list price of £15.95. This is considered a relatively high price since each bottle only contains 30 capsules. Using the maximum recommended dose of two capsules a day, a bottle should last up to two weeks.


Pukka Herbs offers a return policy but it doesn’t clearly state how long it’s good for or any other specific details. You will also have to shoulder the cost of shipping back to the manufacturer.

Conclusion Of Our Pukka Wholistic Holy Basil Review

Compared to other Holy Basil supplements in the market, Pukka Wholistic Holy Basil does not look like it’s a good value. Its website does not contain much information or even a comprehensive list of ingredients.

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