Bloom’s Health Products CoQ10 Review - For Cognitive And Cardiovascular Support CoQ10 Updated June, 2021
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Overall Score 63%

Bloom’s Health Products CoQ10 Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

We’ve examined Bloom’s Health Products CoQ10, a supplement which claims to protect heart health and enhance energy. CoQ10 also provides a wide variety of health benefits due to its antioxidant properties This manufacturer claims that their product has improved absorption compared to other coQ10 supplements. We’ve taken a very close look at the particulars of the product to determine the authenticity of the manufacturers claims.


The active ingredient of the supplement is 150 mg of coenzyme Q10 (coQ10). The coenzyme Q10 is packaged in AquaCelle technology which is a collection of organic molecules that help the coenzyme Q10 to be absorbed. The AquaCelle technology forms micelles which encase the coenzyme Q10 and help it to cross the cell membrane in the intestine more easily.

Once the coenzyme Q10 is absorbed, it can react with molecules called free radicals that are present in the cells. Free radicals normally cause damage to the cell membrane leading to inflammation but when antioxidants are present they can’t do this because they react with the antioxidant instead. So generally taking antioxidants reduces levels of chronic inflammation which can reduce the chance of developing chronic inflammatory diseases like cardiovascular disease.

Coenzyme Q10 is also part of the energy generating pathway. It is absolutely necessary as part of the chemical reactions that produce up to 95% of the cell’s energy. When you take more of it, you can generate more energy.


Customers can take one capsule with food each day. The instructions provide a lower than optimal dosage of coenzyme Q10 though. Some manufacturers offer up to 250 mg of coenzyme Q10 in their daily dosage which is likely more effective and still safe.


The manufacturer does not sell the product directly but rather uses third party retailer websites. The general price for 60 capsules is $28. This price does not include shipping or taxes. We could not find any bulk order discount options for this product.

Possible Side Effects

Most customers should not experience any side effects of this product but certain groups should be careful. The product has not been tested for it safety on pregnant women or breastfeeding women nor people with certain medical conditions. There have also been reports of interactions between Warfarin and coenzyme Q10 supplements.


We could not find any evidence of a guarantee from the manufacturer’s side. Different online and physical stores will have different return policies so customers should look carefully at these. It is very risky to use a product that does not have a guarantee from the manufacturer as there is a chance that the customer will have to bear the consequence of the product not working.

Bloom’s Health Products CoQ10 Review – The Bottom Line

We are very fascinated by the formulation of this product and how it is absorbed. We believe this formulation has great potential but we are disappointed by the dosage of coenzyme Q10 which is significantly lower than the ideal. We believe the price of the product to be quite fair but it is unfortunate that the manufacturer doesn’t offer a guarantee to show their confidence in the product.

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