Turmeric Herb Farm Review - For Improved Overall Health Turmeric Updated August, 2022

Turmeric Herb Farm Review

Turmeric Softgels are a vegetarian friendly dietary supplement made by Herb Pharm. Turmeric has become quite popular in the modern world as a supplement, but many do not realize it is has been in use for centuries as an herbal remedy. Used predominantly in China and India; it is also a very popular spice added to foods for its flavor and bright coloring.

Current research into the benefits of turmeric curcumin has shown that the curcuminoids contained within the herb can benefit the following aspects:

  • Useful for join related pain and functioning
  • Reduces and prevents new buildup of cholesterol
  • Helps maintain a proper functioning of the cardiovascular and digestive systems
  • Aids in protecting the liver
  • Contributes to weight loss
  • Increases the flow of bile which can break down fats in the body
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Herb Pharm claims that they maintain the purity and safety of their product by using natural extraction processes to obtain the most curcuminoids. Turmeric Softgels are also certified organic.

With the increase of popularity of the turmeric herb many companies have taken up production and marketing of their products. Not all products are made to the same high standards which can render them ineffective. We have decided to research this product a little further to help make buying the right product easier for you.


Herb Pharm uses 200 mg of organic turmeric extract in their Turmeric Softgels. This provides 20 mg of the beneficial curcuminoids. An addition 25 mg of organic supercritical turmeric extract provides 12 mg of tumerones. The final active ingredient is 5 mg of organic black pepper extract to help aid in the absorption of the turmeric curcumin.

There are additional ingredients such as organic olive oil, beeswax and organic sunflower lecithin. The softgels which are vegetarian friendly are made from modified food starches which come from non-GMO corn, vegetable glycerin, purified water, carrageenan, sorbitol and organic caramel.

Additional ingredients include: Certified Organic Olive oil, Beeswax and Certified Organic Sunflower lecithin. The vegetarian softgels are made from modified food starch from non-GMO corn, vegetable glycerin, purified water, carrageenan (from seaweed), sorbitol and Certified Organic caramel.

All of their ingredients are certifies as organic.


One softgel taken once or twice per day with meals.

Side Effects

This product has no known or reported side effects.  Contact a doctor and discontinue use immediately if you experience any allergic reactions to the individual ingredients.


The suggested retail price for this product is $28.00


There is no listed guarantee for this product. Clicking on the shipping and returns page for more information brings us to a page that cannot be found.

Conclusion Of Our Turmeric Herb Farm Review

The lack of guarantee or product return policies leaves many questions about this product. It is also not FDA tested or GMP cleared.

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