Westhaven Labs Prost-8 Review - For Increased Prostate Support Prostate Updated February, 2024
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Overall Score 64%

Westhaven Labs Prost-8 Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Westhaven labs promotes its Prost-8 formula as a quality herbal and vitamin supplement that improves the health of a man’s prostate without high costs and side-effects. Designed to shrink the prostate and increase overall health, the manufacturer claims it is an optimal enhancement to daily nutrition. In this review of Westhaven Labs Prost-8, we will assess whether it is indeed effective. Read on


  • Zinc, 10mg
  • Selenium, 35mcg
  • Beta Sitosterol Complex (including Campesterol, Stigmasterol, Brassicasterol), 600mg
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil Powder, 5mg
  • Soy Isoflavone Extract, 25mg
  • Other ingredients include: Terra Alba, Dicalcium phosphate, Stearic acid and magnesium stearate.

Unlike many prostate health supplements, this one is missing saw palmetto as a key ingredient. Moreover, there are usually more vitamins and minerals that make up the formula to improve and strengthen the bladder and balance the deficiencies that trigger prostate problems.


Adults are recommended to take two tablets daily. No further information is given on the length of usage time, or whether they should be taken with meals.


Prost-8 is sold as a one-month supply with 60 tablets at $29.95. There is an offer of buy two, get one free at $59.95 with 180 tablets and buy three, get three free for $89.95 with 360 tablets.

Possible Side Effects

There do not seem to be any known side-effects with taking this supplement. However, users are asked to seek the advice of a doctor prior to usage.


Westhaven Labs promotes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Users can request a refund up to 120 days from the invoice date. All products should be returned for a full refund.

Westhaven Labs Prost-8 Review – The Bottom Line

Prost-8 by Westhaven labs seems to have it all, with its promotion for optimal prostate health, and its vegetarian ingredients. Its 120-day money back guarantee is a customer-friendly policy and perhaps long enough for a user to decide whether this product is helping. Is it however? No further information is given on the website or online regarding the length of time a customer should take the supplement in order to see results. Moreover, there is very little information given on this product including almost no reviews from current users. The ingredients’ list is short and is missing key vitamins that are often included for prostate health. Although they have a GMP certification and are fairly inexpensive, if your health is important to you, you should be able to find a product with more reviews and more research and information to attest to its effectiveness.

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