Enzymedica Digest Complete Enzyme Formula Review - For Increased Digestive Support IBS Updated April, 2024
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Enzymedica Digest Complete Enzyme Formula Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Today a product called Complete Enzyme Formula by Enzymedica takes centre stage as the subject of our review. As the name suggests, this vegan and kosher product seeks to correct enzyme deficiencies in the body. Why is this important? If you suffer from IBS or a related digestive ailment, chances are you may be lacking one of the critical enzymes such as amylase, which is required to break down carbohydrates. When food cannot be broken down efficiently in the large intestine, it has to move to the small intestine in chunks, where it ferments. This fermentation leads to bloating, gas, pain and cramps. It also the reason many people experience irregular bowel evacuation.

Enzyme deficiency can worsen with age, sedentary lifestyle behaviors and is also related to diet – some foods contain more critical enzymes than others. Processed food, for example, not only lacks fiber but any meaningful enzyme content. This product offers to alleviate mild to occasional gas, bloating, irregularity and indigestion.


  • Amylase Thera-blend – 12 000 DU
  • Protease Thera-blend – 42 000 HUT
  • Glucoamylase – 25 AGU
  • Cellulase Thera-blend – 1250 CU
  • Lipase Thera-blend – 1500 FCCFIP
  • Alpha Galactosidase – 125 GAiU
  • Lactase – 500 ALU
  • Maltase – 150 DP
  • Xylanase – 250 XU
  • Invertase – 120 SU
  • Pectinase (w/Phytase) – 35 Endo-PGU
  • Hemicellulase – 15 HCU

Enzymedica promises that its Thera-blend is demonstrably three times as strong and acts six times quicker than others when taken 3 times a day, compared to other leading digestive supplements. Enzymedica’s patented Thera-blend combines various enzyme strains that can survive in various pH levels in the body.

This is quite important as the more alkaline your body is, the more healthy it usually is as bacteria and disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Most cancers have been shown as being unable to originate in a perfectly alkaline body – but maintaining a state of perfect alkalinity is not easy. It is disturbed by many substances such alcohol, red meat and other toxins.

Consequently, not everyone’s base alkalinity is the same. As some enzymes and probiotics may not work as effectively if your pH level isn’t optimized to allow for this, a multi-pH surviving blend ensures that you won’t lose the health properties of the blend. The probiotics included also mean that live cultures are ingested into the body. Probiotics ensure that there is a healthy balance of gut flora. An imbalance can lead to infections and digestive disturbances as bacteria is allowed to colonize the gut.


Take 1 capsule daily when you commence your meal, or more as needed. Increase your dosage slowly, depending on how much food you consume, how much alcohol you consume and whether your symptoms are occasional, mild or moderate.


You’ll pay $11.99 for 30 capsules, only pay $9.99 if you subscribe and save 20%. It is not a binding contract so you are not locked into the subscription for a set number of months. The manufacturer states that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

As for bigger packs, a pack of 90 capsules sells for $24.74 and 180 capsules retails for $39.74.

Possible Side Effects

The product is purportedly safe for everyone to use. It is vegan and kosher friendly, as well as gluten-free. There are no side effects mentioned. Children younger than 3 may take the contents of half a capsule up to three times a day.


There is a 30-day refund policy. Should you not be satisfied, you can get your money back. The shipping charges are for your own account.

Enzymedica Digest Complete Enzyme Formula – The Bottom Line

Digestive enzymes are a first and critical step to enjoying a healthy digestive system, and the uptake of nutrients into the bloodstream. As this product is mild, vegan and kosher, as well as safe for all to use, it is a good dietary supplement irrespective of whether you are suffering IBS issues or not. As enzyme deficiency increases with age, it is always a good idea to take enzyme supplements as you get older. It is also gluten-free. As improved digestion also leaves you with more energy, you should be able to have increased energy as a result. We agree that the product will probably work well for mild IBS symptoms.

However, if you have more severe symptoms, you would also require probiotics and a digestive product with a soothing effect on the colon. This is to counter any inflammation. Use this product as a first good step but be aware that you will need more to supplement your approach to treating more intense symptoms.

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