Rozge Cosmeceutical Renew Lip Plumper Review - For Fuller Plumper Lips Lip Plumper Updated July, 2024
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Overall Score 67%

Rozge Cosmeceutical Renew Lip Plumper Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This review will take a look at Rozge Cosmeceutical Renew Lip Plumper to give the consumer a better perspective and insight into the product. It is a Lip Plumper that might plump the lips, and enhance the natural color to compliment the consumers natural skin tone.


  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin E
  • Retinol
  • Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf
  • Mineral Oil

Vitamin B3 helps to reduce wrinkles, uneven skin tone, heal acne and reduce hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E an antioxidant that protects and heals skin cells from damage caused by free radicals, UV rays, and environmental factors. Retinol reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by rebuilding collagen beneath the skin. Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf  functions as a skin conditioning agent, helps restore skin elasticity, making the appearance of fine lines diminish. Mineral Oil helps prevent irritation in the skin, and act as a soother.

For a Lip Plumper to be effective it should contain 10% active ingredients with a minimum of 5 patented, clinically proven ingredients such as, Volulip, Syn-Coll, Stay-C 50, Trylagen PCB,  and Argireline NP.

Volulip An is an active substance containing a plant extract and a natural modified matrikine-mimetic peptide to plump lips by hyaluronic acid synthesis. It provides improvement of the internal and superficial lip texture with a visible impact on the lip shape and volume, provides hydration and softness as well as an anti-ageing and anti-sagging effect. Syn-Coll is a patented, synthetic tripeptide which helps slow down the skin aging process. By mimicking the body’s own mechanism, boosts collagen production and protects against collagen degradation. After only one month of application, Syn-Coll outperformed a market benchmark in a fight against lines and wrinkles. At 2.5% concentration, it reveals a more lifted, sculpted look, and refined pore appearance for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Stay-C 50 consists of a stabilized (phosphorylated) sodium salt of L-ascorbic acid. The esterification (a chemical reaction that forms at least one ester) of ascorbic acid, protects vitamin C from destruction by oxidation. Trylagen PCB a combination of active peptides and proteins that provide an efficient treatment to restore the collagen levels of beauty, youth and mature skin, maintaining an adequate long-lasting collagen function that will ensure a beautiful, healthy and youthful skin. Argireline NP is a peptide (Acetyl hexapeptide-8) which inhibits SNARE complex formation and catecholamine release, resulting in the reduction of the existing facial wrinkles. Demonstrated effectiveness against their development with regular use, by clinical studies of twice-a-day treatment, the severity of wrinkles around the eyes decreased up to 17% after 15 days treatment.


The lips should be clean – clear from makeup, lip gloss, lipstick etc. A small amount of serum should be applied to both the upper and lower lip, and gently be massaged into the lips. The serum may be used as often as the consumer desires for the optimum effect or every 3-4 hours. If the consumer experiences a slight tingling sensation and mildly flushed lips they should accept it as being normal.


The price $45.00 for 0.24 oz and may be bought online from the manufacturer’s website as well as other distributors.

There are no discounts available with this product.


The manufacturer offers the consumer a 60 day return policy. The consumer has to contact the manufacturer’s offices and they will provide the consumer with a return authorization and address to send the return to. Once the manufacturer receives the product, they will process the return to the consumer’s original form of payment.

The serum has received no reviews.

Rozge Cosmeceutical Renew Lip Plumper Review – The Bottom Line

As we have reviewed this product we have found that the manufacturer offers the consumer a very good guarantee as well as clear usage instructions. The manufacturer has made it easy for the consumer to be able to obtain this product. However have we also found that this product might not be effective as it lacks 10% active ingredients with a minimum of 5 patented, clinically proven ingredients. The manufacturer does not offer the consumer any discounted prices on any of the products sold. And the consumer reviews of this product is totally non existent, which raises a concern to the effectiveness of the product.

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