Jublia Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated September, 2023
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Jublia Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This review takes an incisive look into the efficacy of Jublia, a prescription medicine for fungal infections of the toenail. According to the manufacturer, this product is an effective treatment that works by attacking fungi at the site of infection. Jublia is FDA-approved but needs to be used consistently over a long period of time for full effect. Is this the right toenail fungus treatment for you? Should you talk to your doctor about it? Make up your own mind by reading our detailed review below.


The active ingredient in Jublia is efinaconazole. This chemical is responsible for the treatment of fungal infections of the toenails. There are several other inactive ingredients such as alcohol and anhydrous citric acid but which work as fillers. Too many active ingredients may take a toll on the efficacy of the treatment as they may occasion side effects.


Before applying Jublia, ensure that your toenails are clean and dry. Be sure to wait at least 10 minutes after washing before applying the medication. Remove the cap on the Jublia bottle and hold it upside down directly over the affected area. Do not squeeze or brush the toenail as the brush will soak on its own. Gently apply the solution on the affected area and around the entire toe, including underneath the nail. Use soap and water to wash your hands after application. Let the Jublia solution dry on the toenails. Repeat the process a day. The manufacturer indicates that Jublia must be used for 48 weeks for full effect.


The drug is packed into two bottle sizes: 4ml and 8ml. They cost $25 for 12 fills if covered by Co-Pay, and $75 outside Co-Pay. You can enjoy the discounted prices if you buy from the manufacturer’s website and you are covered by commercial insurance policies. For clients outside commercial insurance, it will cost from $125 to $200.

Possible Side Effects

Like any other medicine, Jublia has several side effects. It may cause irritation at the site attacked by fungi. It may also result in itching, redness, blisters and a burning sensation in the toenail. Some users may also experience pain in the affected area. Be sure to see your doctor if you experience any adverse effects when using the drug.


The manufacturer does not offer any guarantee on the effectiveness of this medicine. While not ideal, this is, of course, standard procedure when it comes to prescription medications.

Jublia Review – The Bottom Line

Jublia may be a more effective treatment for toenail fungal infections for some. We like the facts that it is reasonably affordable for patients covered by commercial insurance and that it has only one active ingredient; hence, fewer side effects, which are rare.

Nevertheless, there are several drawbacks to be aware of. Two clinical trials showed that the active ingredient cured about 18% and 15% of participants in the trial. While those percentages were orders of magnitude higher than for participants who were given a placebo, it’s still a notable minority of the participants. In addition, the treatment is too expensive for patients not covered by commercial insurance.

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