1 Body Thyroid Support Review - For Increased Thyroid Support Thyroid Updated November, 2022
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 75%

1 Body Thyroid Support Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The focus of our product review today is 1 Body Thyroid Support. The manufacturer claims that this product will help remove brain fog, enhance your focus, boost metabolic rate, encourage weight loss, and enhance the immune system.


  • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) – 1000 mcg
  • Iodine (amino acid chelate)  – 150 mcg
  • Zinc (oxide) – 8 mg
  • Selenium (amino acid chelate) – 200 mcg
  • Copper (as oxide) – 200 mcg
  • Manganese (amino acid chelate) – 2 mg
  • Molybdenum (amino acid chelate) – 50 mcg
  • L-tyrosine (300 mg); schizandra (herb powder) – 160 mg
  • Coleus forskohlii (herb powder) – 160 mg
  • Kelp (0.1 to 0.5 % iodine) – 100 mg
  • Ashwagandha root (herb powder) – 120 mg
  • Bladderwrack (powder) – 50 mg
  • Cayenne pepper (powder) – 30 mg

Other ingredients include vegetable capsule (contains purified water and hypromellose).


Take two capsules per day as follows; one capsule in the morning ,and one capsule at midday, with meals. The manufacturer suggests that new users start with a half dose initially (1 capsule). After two to three days, if no side effects are present, and the product appears well tolerated, you can begin taking the full dose of 2 capsules per day. It would have been useful for the dosage instructions to include what the possible side effects are to look out for.


You can purchase a 60 capsule bottle directly from the company website for $24.97.  This is a one month’s supply. Shipping within the United States is free for all orders. There is no additional discount plan for bulk orders, but the manufacturer offers a subscription service where you can get a 10% discount on the regular price by signing up for a monthly delivery. In addition, there is also a 5% discount available on the company website if you join the membership club, and there are additional (non-defined) discounts available.


If you are dissatisfied, you have up to one year to test the product before returning the unused portion for a full refund. The manufacturer does not accept opened bottles of capsules for a refund.

1 Body Thyroid Support Review – The Bottom Line

In conclusion of our review of Thyroid Support, we liked that the product is strictly GMP manufactured, and that the company offers a very generous one year long return policy, and also offers free shipping on all US orders. The company also provides discounts and incentives when you sign up to a monthly subscription or join their club. On the less positive side, the guarantee doesn’t allow you to return opened bottles of capsules. The per bottle price is still high even with discounts. There is no bulk order discount. We were surprised that neither the product label, nor the website listed the possible side effects and warnings. The manufacturer does not accept the return of opened bottles of capsules for a refund. We recommend that you look for a better priced supplement which provides a bulk buying discount and which has better dosage and side effect information.

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