Clear Nails Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated August, 2022
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 71%

Clear Nails Review

Clear Nails is one of the products used in nail fungus treatment, though no particular individual or company can lay exclusive claim to its originality. Among the claims that the product makes are:

  • It keeps your natural nails free from damage;
  • Keeps your looking beautiful;
  • Facilitation of the growth of new nails
  • Maintains the flexibility of your nails ;and
  • Maintaining the strength of your nails.

All these results are achievable in a span of at least six months.

In terms of marketing, there is no special marketing that has been employed to market Clear Nails. Most of the stockists who package and distribute this product use more or less the same approach, that is:

  • Online stores; and
  • The traditional brick-and-wall stores mostly salons and other beauty hubs.


 When it comes to the active ingredients in this product, a great many of its distributors cannot give their users or would-be users any clear information beyond the amorphous claims that it is “herbal and natural”.


 The solution needs to be applied on the affected nails’ base two times a day for a minimum period of six months. You should allow the Clear Nails to spread over the entire nail area and allow it enough time so that it can be easily absorbed by the nail matrix (the hidden part of the nail beneath the cuticle).For maximum absorption, you can pull back the cuticle while applying the solution and also avoid applying regular nail polish at such times because it hinders the solution from penetrating deeper into the nail plate.

Side Effects

In terms of product and user safety, Clear Nails does not have any known adverse side effects, at least for now. It is also known to contain no allergens hence it is safe to use for people suffering from various allergies. However, the only exception is that this product should not be used by children below the age of twelve.


 When it comes to “pocket safety”, the average user can easily purchase Clear Nails without   having to drill holes into their pocket. At a decent price of $12.95 only, you can   comfortably afford a 4 ounce   bottle that will serve you for at least six months. With this in mind, you can confidently say that Clear Nails passes the “pocket safety” test. There are also a few discounts offered here and there, depending on the individual outlets.


 Clear Nails comes with a six month money-back guarantee.

Conclusion Of Our Clear Nails Review

After observing and analyzing the facts above, it comes out clear that Clear Nails is a good, safe and affordable product. However, you have to continue using the solution for another six months to make sure that the fungal infection doesn’t come back which is a time, energy and also money consuming process. Second, there are no clearly spelt active ingredients in this solution.

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