NativeRemedies HaliTonic Review - For Bad Breath And Body Odor Bad Breath & Body Odor Updated June, 2023
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NativeRemedies HaliTonic Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

In this review, we will be examining a product from NativeRemedies called HaliTonic. This product may be a solution for individuals who struggle with bad breath and halitosis. These issues are often caused by issues in the mouth as well as in the gut. This product helps to maintain the cleansing mechanisms in both these areas leading you to have fresher breath. Additionally, the manufacturers of this product claim that continued use of this product will help to maintain the enzymes in your mouth as well as maintaining the oral and digestive balance. Finally, they claim that the use of this product will help to keep your gums healthy.


  • Kali phos – 6C HPUS
  • Silicea – 6C HPUS
  • Carduus mar – 3X HPUS
  • Nat sulph 6C HPUS

When we first looked at the ingredients included in this formula, we were rather impressed with the formula. However, we believe that this product does not contain many of the ingredients that we would expect in a product like this. These ingredients include probiotics, Green Tea, Chlorophyllin-copper complex, Peppermint, Fennel, and Magnolia. Additionally, we were slightly concerned about the safety of the ingredients included in this dietary supplement. Although most experts agree that homeopathic remedies are safe for everybody to use there is still a small risk of adverse reactions in certain people.


According to the information, we could find on the packaging you should take two tablets two to four times daily. They recommend that you dissolve these tablets under your tongue ten minutes after you have a meal. You should also wait for at least thirty minutes before brushing your teeth.


You can buy this product on the manufacturer’s online store for $39.95 per bottle. They are currently running a promotion that offers you three supplements for the price of two. However, this offer is only valid for certain qualifying products. Additionally, we were unable to find any information related to shipping fees for this product so you should set aside a little money for this.


The manufacturer of this product provides a money back guarantee that is valid for one year provided you return this product with the receipt. Sadly, this is the extent of the information they provide so we are not sure if they accept returns on products that have already been opened.

NativeRemedies HaliTonic Review – The Bottom Line

After we completed this review, we found that this product could potentially help people who suffer from halitosis. This product contains a variety of homeopathic ingredients and the manufacturer provides excellent discounts for bulk purchases. However, there were quite a few things that we uncovered during our research which we found concerning. Although the manufacturer of this product offers savings for bulk purchases, we still believe that it is rather expensive. There are a variety of other products available that will provide you with greater value for your money. Additionally, we were rather worried about the safety of consuming a homeopathic remedy for an extended period of time. Finally, we believe that the manufacturer should be more upfront regarding the conditions of the guarantee they offer.

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