ZenVita Caralluma Fimbriata Weight Loss Supplement Review Caralluma Updated May, 2024
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ZenVita Caralluma Fimbriata Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

ZenVita claims that their Caralluma Fimbriata helps you lose weight in two ways, the first being by suppressing the appetite and intercepting hunger messages to the brain. The second being by blocking fat production by means of pregnane glycosides which is a phytochemical that helps block the enzyme citrate lyase, an enzyme that instructs your body to produce fat. The claim is that by stopping the production of fat, your body will need to then burn your existing fat stores.

The formula also claims to speed up metabolic processes and provide an all-natural weight loss supplement. Read our full ZenVita Caralluma Fimbriata review to see what the product has to offer.


The only ingredient in the supplement is the Caralluma Fimbriata with no additional additives or ingredients. Of course, when looking at industry standards and what is recommended by doctors, also differs this is exactly what we are looking for in a good, clean supplement.


The serving size on the website is 1000mg which is two capsules. There is a discrepancy in the dosage instructions. It is first recommended to take two capsules a day. Then it is stated to take two capsules twice a day, which equals four capsules a day. These capsules should be taken30 minutes before meals with a glass of water. The product also differs in its dosage claiming to have a 1200mg dosage of Caralluma Fimbriata. The discrepancy could be a result of an updated packaging or an outdated website, but either way, it is not going to be a selling point for the customer.


The regular price of the product is $19.99 online, however, it is currently discounted and selling for $18.99. A further 20% discount is available when buying 3 units as a bulk deal. The price is extremely competitive, but when looking at the dosage in comparison to certain competitors, you will quickly see that you are paying less to receive less – a lesson on face value effects of marketing.

Possible Side Effects

There are no definite side effects mentioned, however, there is a general warning to anyone with known medical conditions and pregnant or nursing mothers to consult a physician before use.


The manufacturer’s page on Amazon mentions a 100% money back guarantee policy, however, the manufacturer’s website provides no information on the terms and conditions of the return policy. Terms can sometimes include pre-authorization for returns, or the exclusion of opened packaging or expired stock (which may have been received in that condition).

ZenVita Caralluma Fimbriata Review – The Bottom Line

The Caralluma Fimbriata provided by ZenVita is a standard 100% all-natural weight loss supplement with no artificial additives and a great price. They are offering what looks like a potentially good deal. Their dosage discrepancy, however, between, their website and their packaging, is something to be cautious about and even with the higher of the two dosages at 1200mg, they are still providing a lower dosage than some competitors who are offering a 1600mg dosage for a more effective result.

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