ClearTouch Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated February, 2024
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ClearTouch Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Nail fungus is problematic because it can be difficult to get rid of completely. It easily spreads from one person to another, especially when individuals come into contact with infected surfaces or people. This review examines the product ClearTouch which is a product that uses light therapy to eradicate the nail fungus.


ClearTouch is a battery-powered device that uses LHE (light, heat, and energy) phototherapy technology, where it balances light wavelengths, intensity, and exposure to treat nail fungus. The primary causative agent of nail fungus is the Trichophyton Rubrum (T. Rubrum) fungal species. This LHE technology removes infectious fungal spores from toenails and adjoining areas in just a few treatments and is non-invasive and non-abrasive.  There is no need to remove the affected toenail.


You should use this device twice a day. Before the first use, charge it for five hours. Each time you use the device, turn it on and hold over the affected area for 10 seconds.


Technology is an expensive deal. This ClearTouch device is quite expensive. You can choose to order straight from the manufacturer’s website or from Amazon and other online retailers. By the time we were doing this research, this device was selling for $189.99 when you order from the manufacturer. It comes with the device, a charger, and a user guide.

Possible Side Effects

So far, there are no side effects reported. However, as a consumer, you should always consult a dermatologist or doctor before using laser nail fungus treatments. That is because, people react differently to light, and only a qualified doctor can determine if the treatment will work for you or not.


We found that ClearTouch comes with a 30-day consumer satisfaction guarantee. If within that month, ClearTouch fails to satisfy you, they will refund your purchase price plus shipping and handling. The product itself comes with a one-year warranty. In the course of this research, we also found a few positive consumer reviews, but too few to really determine how well this product works.

ClearTouch Review – The Bottom Line

ClearTouch is a different way of treating nail fungus. It is technologically based meaning that it is not messy like creams and lotions. Also, it does not need a professional expert to use it. So far it has no reported side effects. It comes with a battery and a wall charger, and it weighs less than 5 ounces, so it is easy to stow for travel.

The first downside facing this procedure is the price. Also, unlike natural remedies that provide nutrients to the ailing toenail and the adjusting skin areas, ClearTouch offers no nutritional benefit. It is a technological device, and considering the time we are living in, natural remedies with anti-fungal properties are better than advanced treatment. There are many natural products available to deal with nail fungus and provide the nail with everything it needs to heal and at a lower price.

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