Allactive Antifungal Cream Review- For Combating Fungal Infections Ringworm Updated May, 2020
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Overall Score 66%

Allactive Antifungal Cream Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The following is a review of the product called Allactive Antifungal Cream. This product is manufactured by Allactive. The product is claimed to offer relief of the foremost kinds of ringworm as well as tinea corporis, tinea capitis, tinea pedis (Athlete’s Foot), in addition to Jock Itch (tinea cruris). More so, the manufacturer claims that their product can offer fast relief. Keep reading our review for more about this product.


The substance miconazole is commonly used for different types of fungal skin infections by preventing the growth of fungus. The ingredient emu oil is without difficulty absorbed by the skin and supports to carry the active antifungal straight through the skin to the source of the problem. This substance can likewise support to lock in skin moisture, making the skin less prone to drying out and cracking, a common secondary effect of a fungus infection.


Despite our research efforts, we were unable to find the dosage instructions for this product. This is a concern: the consumer needs such information since without it their chances of optimal results are reduced.


Our research efforts were unable to find the price of this product. This product is listed on the third-party site Amazon, but it is currently unavailable. This could be an indication that this product is not very popular or not very effective.


Although we were unable to find a clear guarantee, it is stated by the manufacturer that if the product is ineffective after three days it may be returned for a refund, but the maker of this product does not state the conditions of this pledge.

Allactive Antifungal Cream Review – The Bottom Line

The product Allactive Antifungal Cream seems like a promising ringworm treatment product. This is a product that contains emu oil which aids with the absorption of the active ingredient enables it to work more rapidly than its competitors. This product is also all-natural with no side effects. That said, there are also some concerns regarding this product. The lack of a clear guarantee does not protect the rights of the end user. The fact that this product is not available on Amazon is disconcerting. More so, it could mean that this product could be ineffective, especially since there is the risk that the user may experience side effects. In addition, there are no reviews on this product. Reviews provide an indication of how other people experienced the product: the benefits or negative effects. Last but not least, the dosage instructions are imprecise, limiting success for the end user.

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