Crystal Clear Digestive Enzymes Review - For Increased Digestive Support And IBS IBS Updated December, 2021
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Crystal Clear Digestive Enzymes Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Digestive discomfort, such as those experienced by IBS sufferers, usually comes down to a lack of one of two things or both in the digestive tract: enzymes and probiotics. Today we look at a product which claims to contain both: Digestive Enzymes Supplement with Probiotics by Crystal Clear. Crystal Clear gives its assurance that the supplement will assist with bloating, belching, gas, heartburn, diarrhea and cramps. It should also result in heightened energy levels as a result of food being digested properly, and nutrients being taken up into the bloodstream. The specific conditions that are likely to be soothed are acid reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, constipation and dietary intolerance. Digestive support for people with no gallbladder is also provided.

Enzymes are responsible for breaking down the various food groups such as fats, carbohydrates, proteins and more. When this is not done, food moves to the small intestine where it cannot be passed easily, and ferments. As it ferments, it leads to gas and bloating. Probiotics, in turn, rectify the gut flora balance. Food cannot be properly digested and bacterial infections set in when the gut is overrun by by bad bacteria.

As you age, your produce less enzymes. Diet also plays a role in enzyme production and certainly affects your probiotic balance. The latter is also affected by medications such as antibiotics.


  • MakzymePro – 2500 HUT/400MG
  • Enzyme Blend – Fungal Protease from Aspergillus Oryzae, Lactobaccillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Bromelain – 90GDU
  • Papain – 2670 TU
  • Fungal Lipase – 1500 FIP
  • Fungal Lactase – 600 LACU
  • Alpha Galactosidase – 300 GALU
  • Cellulose (vegetable capsule)
  • Vegetable Magnesium Stearate
  • Silicon Dioxide

Lactase is the enzyme used to break down dairy products. Lipase is situated in the pancreas and breaks down fats into fatty acids, as well as glycerol or other alcohols. Bromelain is pineapple derived and breaks down proteins, as does papain, which is derived from papaya.  The probiotics, being based on the Lactobaccillus strand as they are, are a broad-spectrum strand and highly effective. They are the most studied of all the probiotics and help relieve IBS symptoms, bile duct obstructions, gut bacterial infections and a number of other digestion-related diseases.

The last three ingredients are the inactive ingredients that comprise the capsule. Most products contain either enzymes or probiotics but not both, so there is a dual-prong action in this formula that is more effective than most.


Take 1 capsule twice a day, preferably 20 to 30 minutes before meals, to allow the enzymes active participation in breaking down the food when it arrives.


The regular price is $50 for a bottle of 60 capsules, or a two-month’s supply. At the time of compiling this review, the supplement was being offered at the sale price of $12 on the manufacturer’s website. It retails for $18.95 on Amazon.

Possible Side Effects

Digestive Enzymes Supplement with Probiotics is vegetarian-safe and gluten-free. Therefore, it is safe to use as a wheat allergen. Always speak to a medical practitioner if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before embarking on any supplements, even if they are all natural. Do not overdose on this product.


A 100% money-back guarantee is in place. The policy covers a generous 12 months from the date of purchase. You are free to return the unused portion of your purchase and follow the instructions on the website to qualify for your return. If you are returning a large quantity of more than $500, a 20% restocking fee applies.

Crystal Clear Digestive Enzymes Supplement with Probiotics – The Bottom Line

In theory, it is always a good idea when both enzymes and probiotics are supplemented. However, no solution is a cure all and any manufacturer claiming this needs to provide perfect clinical trial results. Each person’s digestive makeup, and consequently, digestive needs, will be different. The probiotic included is, for example, broad in effect and unlikely to have no effect whatsoever, but the true efficacy depends on what’s actually missing in your gut flora.

We are concerned that what is classified as an enzyme blend is actually a probiotic blend. It is not clear if this is due to mislabeling or misinformation, but it does raise a flag as to how professional the formulation really is. Our default would always be to advise that you look for another product containing both enzymes and probiotics, as well as soothing agents for the colon, that are impeccably labelled without mistakes or inaccuracies.

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