Gaia Herbs’ Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength Review - For Improved Overall Health Turmeric Updated September, 2023
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 69%

Gaia Herbs’ Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This review examines Gaia Herbs’ Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength, one of the many turmeric-based supplements on the market. The manufacturer says that Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength has anti-inflammation properties that can support an overall healthy lifestyle and energy. In addition, the product is credited with containing ingredients that can facilitate better absorption of tumeric in the body.


The main ingredient that formulates Gaia Herbs’ Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength is turmeric root extract. This component is responsible for all the benefits that the product offers. Some of its ingredients are listed below as follows:

  • Turmeric root extract 406 mg (Curcuma longa) – organic
  • Turmeric root extract 42 mg (Curcuma longa) – ecologically harvested
  • Turmeric root Supercritical 34 mg
  • Black Pepper fruit Supercritical Extract 7 mg (Piper nigrum)

Other Ingredients:

  • Soy lecithin (non-GMO)
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Water
  • Capsule (chlorophyll vegetable capsule)


The product comes with clear directions. The manufacturer recommends that adults should take 1 capsule 1-2 times daily accompanied by food.


The manufacturer’s site doesn’t have the pricing for this remedy hence we had to search out resellers’ websites. At the time we were checking PureFormulas’ website, one of its leading resellers, customers could buy a bottle of 120 capsules at a discounted price of $32.49. The same quantity on Amazon was $25.60.

Possible Side Effects

Gaia Herbs’ Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength does not have adverse side effects accompanying its proper usage. However, the manufacturer warns against consuming it beyond the recommended dosage. Additionally, they warn expectant and lactating women against using it since it can harm the unborn baby. They also warn all potential users who have serious medical conditions or are on medication against consuming this supplement without the approval of a doctor.


The manufacturer does not back this product with a money-back guarantee.

Our search on PureFormulas led us to 17 customer reviews that gave it a 4.9- star user rating. However, we could not independently verify those reviews. On Amazon, at the time of writing an impressive number of customer reviews (over 550) gave the product an even more impressive 90% positive rating with only 6% negative.

Gaia Herbs’ Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength Review – The Bottom Line

Gaia Herbs’ Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength is one of the many turmeric-based remedies that seek to help users attain overall health. This solution comes at a very affordable price, and it is accompanied by clear dosage instructions. The positive feedback is quite encouraging. However, its weaknesses the lack of a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

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