Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Review - For Younger Healthier Looking Skin Night Serum Updated July, 2020
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Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This review assesses the manufacturer’s claims that Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum can help to regenerate a youthful appearance of the skin. It is claimed to have Anti-Aging effects that repair and renew the integrity of the skin. It is also said to help the skin maintain its natural best health. We will assess what the manufacturer has included in this product to determine how true these claims are, and if it is a useful product for customers to purchase.


Vitamin A is always a good ingredient to include in a skin product because it has antioxidant properties, which means it reduces inflammation. Inflammation is a major source of accelerated aging in the skin. It also plays a pivotal role in many of the chemical reactions that are responsible for skin cell renewal and it helps the immune system to fight off infections. The jasmine helps to hydrate the skin cells which gives them some of the nutrients they need to conduct their function. The bergamot and lavender both have antiseptic properties which also help to prevent an infection and thus reduce damage to the skin.


Shake the bottle before applying the product and then place two sprays (using the spray top) on to your hands (make sure they are clean to reduce the chance of infection) . Rub the product into the whole area of the face and neck using an upward and circular motion. This product is only to be used at night-time once a day and it is not suggested for use during pregnancy.


There are four different quantities of the product that a customer can purchase for different prices. 0.5 fl oz can be bought for $23. 1 fl oz will cost $41. 1.7 fl oz can be purchased for $72 and 3.4 fl oz will cost $112. Customers who live in Australia and purchase the product in the local currency can pay using four interest free payments if they would like. There is also free shipping to all customers in Australia for orders which are over US $108.


There is not a guarantee on this product but customers can return original and unused items within 14 days if it was purchased in Australia and 28 days if it was purchased internationally. The manufacturer explicitly states that they do not give refunds for a change of mind or incorrect decision, but rather focus on refunding when there has been a manufacturer defect.

Not offering a guarantee sows reduced confidence by the manufacturer in the product because they do not wish to lose anything if their product does not work.

Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Review – The Bottom Line

We value that the manufacturer offers various pricing options for the customers to choose from and that they include information on the purpose of their ingredients. The major problem with this product is that it is not guaranteed so customers can pay a large amount of money for a product that they can’t be certain will be effective for them. Customers are better suited buying products that are proven effective and guaranteed.

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