Puritan’s Pride Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii Weight Loss Supplement Review Forskolin Updated April, 2023
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Puritan’s Pride Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Puritan’s Pride enters the weight loss market with their Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii supplement. This supplement derives its extract from the Coleus Forshkolii plant. This plant has been used for hundreds of years in the Ayurvedic treatment system. Simply put, Ayurveda is one of the oldest medicinal methods used in India for over 3,000 years. It takes the holistic treatment path which incorporates all natural ingredients. Puritan’s Pride Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii aims to provide individuals with a viable weight loss option. Is it an effective choice to help shed off those unwanted pounds? Read our review to know more.


  • Forslean Formula [Coleus Forshkolii Extract] – Standardized to 10% forskolin

As stated above, it uses extracts derived from the plant coleus forshkolii. Forskolin is known to help prevent the body from storing fat. Taking the supplement on its own will most certainly not yield any result. However, taking this supplement and incorporating a healthy diet and proper exercise will definitely help in reducing body weight. Forskolin extract can also help regulate blood pressure.


The recommended dosage for adults is three capsules per day. For best results, take this supplement before or during meals in order to help the extract get absorbed faster by the body. Including a proper diet and exercise routine will exponentially increase the effectiveness of this supplement.


Puritan’s Pride Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii is available at a highly affordable price of $12.49. The weight loss supplement can be purchased online through their official website or via reputable third party online stores. It is also offered in a specially discounted 5-month supply package. The 5-month supply is available for $49.95 ($9.99 per bottle).

Possible Side Effects

While Puritan’s Pride Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii itself is relatively safe to use, there are people who should avoid this type of weight loss supplement. People with already low blood pressure should avoid taking this supplement. Those who have polycystic kidney disease should also refrain from taking forskolin based supplements. Irregular heartbeat is a side effect that is caused when forskolin is taken in large doses. Stay within the recommended daily dosage and consult with a health professional before taking this supplement.


Customers can return Puritan’s Pride Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii if it did not deliver on its promised results. This product comes with a one-year money back guarantee for customer who purchased the supplement through Puritan Pride’s official website. You can can learn more about their return policy by heading to their official website’s customer support page.

Puritan’s Pride Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii Review – The Bottom Line

Puritan’s Pride Forskolin Coleus Forshkolii appears to be good enough for some people but not too much for others. While the affordable price tag is enticing there is one issue with its formula. As it only contains 10% standardized forskolin, it is not as effective. This is due to the fact that 15% to 20% standardized forskolin is the optimal level for this weight loss supplement to deliver the results. That being said, the lower forskolin content also means less risk of side effects.

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