Omax 3 Review - For Cognitive And Cardiovascular Support Omega 3 Updated June, 2024
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Omax 3 Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Omax 3 is an Omega 3 supplement which offers one of the highest concentrations of omega-3 oil in a single dose available on the market today. This is a fatty acid which the manufacturer declares to be essential for lowering triglycerides safely, and may even help to reduce blood pressure. The company boasts that Omax 3 was specially designed to not negatively affect LDL cholesterol.

Omega 3s have also been shown to improve mental alertness and concentration levels at any age and to help slow the effects of normal age-related memory loss. They are not produced by the human body in sufficient quantities to perform all of these functions which is why you need to supplement it in your daily diet.

But do higher doses taken at a time offer any extra benefits? This Omax 3 review will deal with that question.


The company boasts that Omax 3 pills contain as much as 16 times the amount of Omega 3 than most other products and that it is composed of 93.9% pure omega-3. But more is not necessarily better.


Adults are recommended to take two softgels per day, preferably with a meal for overall heart health. Take three to four softgels a day for increased inflammation support or as recommended by a healthcare professional for therapeutic results. Consult with your healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or nursing, suspect a medical condition or are taking prescription drugs. Omax 3 is not intended for use by children under the age of 12.


One box with 60 softgels costs $47.95, plus shipping and handling. Three boxes cost $95.90 and shipping is included, for a saving of $48.10. You can also order six boxes for $179.94, or only $29.99 per box, for a savings of $107, shipping included.

Possible Side Effects

While the company does not cite any side effects on its website, quite a few users posted complaints about it on line. Averse side effects which have been tied to Omax 3 include nausea, diarrhea, and fish breath. Some other effects associated with taking excessive doses of Omega 3 fish oil supplements include irregular heartbeat, rashes and breathing problems.


The company offers no guarantees which can generally be taken as a sign of a lack of faith in a product’s effectiveness.

Omax 3 Review – The Bottom Line

So what’s good here. Well, it clearly offers the largest single dose of Omega 3 on the market. And Omega 3 supplements have been shown to offer many health benefits including improved memory and the treatment of high blood pressure.

Obviously the fact that the company will not even guarantee its own product is quite disconcerting. And there is also the issue of its main claim of having the highest amount of Omega 3 content of any such dietary supplement on the market. Omax 3 makes no argument to support that taking a larger does at one time is any healthier for the user than spreading out smaller does over the day. Also, other such supplements may cost less per gram of the ingredients and so end up saving you money when taking the same total amount of Omega 3.

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