ImmortalCalm Review - For Relief From Anxiety And Tension Anxiety Updated November, 2022
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ImmortalCalm Review

Immortal Calm is made by a company known as Immortal Herbs. This product is made to help you become calm without any of the usual effects, such as tiredness. While helping to support your nervous system’s health, as well as its whole function! Immortal Calm can also help to keep your liver in good physical shape to function properly. The product comes in a bottle designed with Chinese writing, representing that it works along similar beliefs too traditional Chinese medicine, which has helped Chinese stay healthy even before the arrival of modern day medicine.


Important information on ingredients of this product is as follows:

  • L-THEANINE: Help improve your capability to learn, concentrate and sleep better.
  • REISHI: This is very popular with mountain climbers to help them with altitude illness while maintaining steady levels of stamina.
  • GYNOSTEMMA: Helps you to maintain equilibrium in your body.
  • GINSENG: This well-known herb helps you to bear feelings of well being and endurance, as well as helping you with bodily and psychological wellness.
  • ASTRAGALUS: Helps to provide your body with ease of digestion.


Take 2-4 capsules as required or directed by a health care Practitioner. This formula has ever-increasing effects. When used over time it will become more beneficial. Immortal Calm contains all natural ingredients that will not cause any drowsiness and thus far no side effects have been noted on the product while being used.


Immortal Combat retails at about $54.95 from the company, but selling at a special price of $34.95. There are 60 by 500mg per capsules available in the bottle, so if you take the recommended dosage as prescribed on the bottle it should last you a month, if you stick to using 2 capsules a day.


Immortal Calm has a 30 day money back guarantee, allowing you to try all the natural supplements for an entire month. The money back guarantee provides you with many benefits, as everyone does not experience the same level of results from using the same supplement.

Conclusion Of Our ImmortalCalm Review

While Immortal Calm may appear to be a good product, it just doesn’t measure up to the required standards of a good Anxiety product. It is also not FDA inspected.

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