Renew Life Rapid Cleanse Review - For Flushing And Detoxing The Colon Colon Cleanse Updated June, 2024
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Overall Score 74%

Renew Life Rapid Cleanse Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Today we review Rapid Cleanse by Renew Life. Detoxing your system can help remove toxins and unnecessary wastes from your body. If you struggle to lose weight this might help you reach your goals faster. Rapid Cleanse claims to help you feel lighter and full of energy. This product also claims to promote digestive regularity and includes easy mixing acacia fibre. This product is also gluten free and promotes healthy bowel elimination in the course of 7 days.  If this product sounds like something you might need, read our review below.


  • Vitamin C – 300mg
  • Proprietary Blend – 500mg
  • Dietary Fibre – 4g
  • Soluble Fibre – 4g
  • Magnesium – 230mg
  • Eliminate Blend – 1200mg

The Eliminate blend contains the ingredients Rhubarb Root, Cape Aloe Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark and Triphala fruit, Amla Fruit and Belleric Fruit.  The Proprietary Blend consists of Milk Thistle, Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaf, Dandelion Root, Fenugreek Seed, Garlic Bulb, Mullein Leaf, Oat Straw Extract, Oregano Leaf, Stinging Nettle Leaf, Turmeric Root, Bamboo Leaf and Alfalfa Juice Extract. All of these ingredients work together to flush out your digestive system whilst also supporting your immune system. The Proprietary Blend helps to relieve constipation and is also a source of fibre. The Acacia Fibre in this product also acts as a source of fibre and helps to keep your metabolism regular. Magnesium promotes hydration in your digestive tract and also assist with muscle and nerve functioning.


It is recommended that you take 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach regarding the Proprietary blend. Wait 30 minutes after taking the pills and then continue to take 1 level scoop of the Fibre Blend and mix it with 8 ounces of water before taking it. The fibre blend must be taken in the morning and at night. Make sure to drink plenty of water whilst taking the Fibre Blend. The Eliminate Blend should be ingested every night by taking 2 capsules with 8 ounces of water. Each Blend should be taken for 7 days straight.


You can order this product directly from the manufacturer’s website. The product will cost you $29.99 per box. The manufacturers do have a loyalty program which can save you money in the long term. They also have an auto-shipping option which will make sure you get 15% off on each order and you will also qualify for free shipping.

Possible Side Effects

Do not use this product if you have difficulty swallowing or if you develop abdominal pain, diarrhoea or severe loose stools. People allergic to peanuts should also not use this product. If you use this product for longer than 7 days at a time, you might suffer adverse effects. Consult your doctor before using this product if you are pregnant or nursing.


The manufacturers of this product offer you a 60-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with this product. This guarantee does not include shipping or handling costs.

Renew Life Rapid Cleanse Review – The Bottom Line

We like that this product has a lot of variety when it comes to its ingredients. Some of these ingredients have shown to be useful when it comes to digestive health. We also like the 60-day money back guarantee if you find yourself unhappy with the product. However, we feel that this product is a bit pricey when compared to similar products on the market. We also feel that the side effects of this product might be too much to handle for some customers.

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