Fung-Off Special Nail Conditioner Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated November, 2023
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 56%

Fung-Off Special Nail Conditioner Review

Fun-Off Special Nail conditioner is a topical ointment that is tailored to help in the treatment of nail fungus. It has no particular company that lays special or patent rights to its manufacturing and originality. The solution claims to have maximum strength to achieve the following results as far as foot and finger nail care is concerned:

  • To keep your nails clean;and
  • To keep your nails healthy;

It comes packaged in bright yellow packs and bottles, with applicators included. Initially it was only available through professionals but now it is directly available to consumers. You can order for it from your local store, nearest beauty hub or on line stores such as e Bay and Amazon.


 The  active ingredients in this product are:


 Fung-off Special Nail conditioner is an easy-to-use product. You first of all have to thoroughly clean the affected are with warm water and soap. After the affected area is properly dry you may go ahead and brush the ointment on both the nail and under the nail’s free edge using an applicator.

Side Effects

Although the active ingredients in Fung-Off Special Nail conditioner are mild and do not have adverse side effects, you may experience the following anomalies around those areas where you applied the ointment:

  • Redness; and
  • Dryness.

 The ointment is also safe for usage with people who suffer from various forms of skin allergies.


For you to get a half an ounce bottle of Fung-Off Special Nail conditioner, you will have to part with $10.33 for a single month, though there are a few discount offers you can get from various outlets. In the short term, it is an affordable product at least in terms of initial acquisition.


 When it comes to money-back guarantee, this product offers no guarantee that you will get back your money just in case the product fails to deliver on what it promises to.

Conclusion Of Our Fung-Off Special Nail Conditioner Review

 From the observation made above, we can come to the following deductions as far as Fung-Off Special Nail conditioner is concerned:

  • Ingredients and product safety -it contains mild ingredients that are known to have no adverse side effects, unless otherwise abused; and
  • Affordability-at $10.33 per month, it passes for an affordable solution.
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