Research Verified CLA Weight Loss Supplement Review CLA Updated May, 2024
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Research Verified CLA Review

Research Verified CLA is one of our favorite CLA products on the market to date. It offers consumers the chance to lose weight effectively, safely and easily. CLA helps maintain lean muscle mass as well as boosting the metabolism – a key factor in weight loss. It targets stubborn belly fat, fights flab, tones muscle and will help consumers reach their weight loss goals. On top of all this, Research Verified CLA provides an overall benefit to the immune system meaning that it is a multi-faceted product.


Research Verified CLA contains 2000mg of 85% active CLA in each serving (two softgels). The CLA is derived from safflower oil. The other ingredients are merely there to make up the coating of the softgel  which are gelatin, vegetable glycerin, natural caramel color, titanium dioxide color, and purified water. The softgels do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives.


The daily dose of Research Verified CLA is two softgels. These capsules may be taken together or individually with the suggested dose of one in the morning and one in the evening. It is not specified which of these methods is more effective. It is very clearly stated that the recommended dose should not be exceeded and pregnant or nursing women, those with existing medical conditions, and consumers under the age of 18 should consult with a medical professional prior to taking the supplement.


There are a range of pricing options for Research Verified CLA. One bottle containing 60 capsules will last the consumer a whole month and can be purchased for $48. Consumers can take advantage of the multi-pack purchase offers with three bottles being purchased for $33 each. Even better is the six month supply (six bottles) for only $24 each, a drastic daily price reduction of 80 cents, half of the cost when buying only one bottle.


Research Verified CLA has one of the longest timeframes for a money-back guarantee on the market. It provides customers with a lengthy 365 days to trial the product and if they are not happy with the results, can claim a full refund. This product has been tested by third party companies to ensure the correct dosage and the effectiveness of the product. It has also been manufactured in an FDA-approved lab and is cGMP certified.

Conclusion Of Our Research Verified CLA Review

Research Verified CLA offers consumers an effective weight loss treatment and when purchasing in bulk comes at a very competitive price. Their lengthy money-back guarantee means that consumers do not feel like they are making a risky decision when it comes to purchasing the product. The amount of active CLA in Research Verified is 85% which places it very highly amongst its competitors and the fact that it has a daily dose of 2000mg means that it meets the criteria for an effective CLA product.

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