ModelCo Lip Plumper Gloss Review - For Fuller Plumper Lips Lip Plumper Updated July, 2022
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Overall Score 67%

ModelCo Lip Plumper Gloss Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This review focuses on a product called ModelCo Lip Plumper Gloss which is designed to fill out the lips to give them a pouty and voluminous appearance. It hydrates the cells in the lips to plump them up on a molecular level so that there are both instant and longer lasting results. It also has a light reflecting shine to enhance the appearance of the lips. We evaluate this product based on its features to help customers determine if it’s the right one for them.


The active ingredient in this product is micro filling spheres which contain hyaluronic acid and collagen. Both of these substances naturally take up the space between the skin cells. The natural function of hyaluronic acid in the body is to provide a scaffold for wound repair. It forms a layer over the cells to protect them from the environment and to a very small degree reduces inflammation. It also helps to retain moisture in the tissue between the cells which fills up the space so that the lips are plumped. Collagen is a much harder substance that provides firmness to a tissue which can improve the length of time that this product is active for.


Glide the product over the lips or dab it  in with a finger as you would when applying a lip gloss or other lip product. This product can be applied as many times in the day as is necessary. Customers should be warned that ModelCo Lip Plumper Gloss causes a tingling sensation but the manufacturer says that this has no adverse effect and should not be a cause for concern.


We could not determine what volume of product comes with the purchase which will cost $13.30. All orders which are over $40 qualify for free shipping otherwise the shipping rate is $9.95 in the United States of America and $30 for international orders. The manufacturer also has a subscription service which Grants customers 10% off of their first purchase and they have a loyalty program.


The manufacturer explicitly states that they do not refund customers if they changed their mind or if they don’t feel any difference after using the product. They also do not exchange if customers change their mind about the color they want. The manufacturer will only issue a refund if the product is faulty or there was an error in the delivery. All returns must be in their original packaging and unopened.

ModelCo Lip Plumper Gloss Review – The Bottom Line

The ingredients in this product are very well researched and from scientific studies are quite effective. It is difficult to say whether this product is effective without actually trying it and customers do not get this opportunity because the product is not guaranteed. A lack of a guarantee on a product suggests to us that the manufacturer is actually not that confident that it will work otherwise they would be willing to place their profits on the line. Customers will likely find better products at a better price that are guaranteed to work, or customers will receive a refund.

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