Phase Health White Kidney Bean Extract Weight Loss Supplement Review Carb Blocker Updated November, 2023
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Phase Health White Kidney Bean Extract Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Phase Health White Kidney Bean Extract claims to be an effective carb blocker and weight-loss supplement but is it the most effective product available on the market? We shall examine the formula to assess if this product can live up to the manufacturer’s claims as well as assess if Phase Health offer customers the support they deserve. This review offers all the insight you need to make a wise purchase.


This product’s sole active ingredient is White Kidney Bean Extract. This substance is often included in carb blocking formulas for its ability to inhibit the starch-digesting enzyme amylase. In doing so, it prevents the absorption of starchy sugars and thus, prevents weight-gain. However, this ingredient alone may not be as effective as a carb blocker in comparison to competing brands that include supportive weight-loss substances such as Chitosan and Chromium which increase product effectiveness and weight-loss potential. On a positive note, this product was manufactured in a GMP certified facility giving customers peace of mind that, although this supplement may be lacking certain key ingredients, it was produced with quality standards.


To take Phase Health White Kidney Bean Extract as a dietary supplement, adults should consume 2 capsules immediately before meals. The daily dosage should not exceed 4 capsules. Each serving supplies 1200mg of White Kidney Bean Extract, which is within the market standard dosage. However, the lack of supporting ingredients may prevent this product from providing the best possible weight-loss results that may be offered by competing products.


These supplements can only be purchased online through third-party sites. The current retail price is $12.79 per unit. Each unit of supplements come in a 60-capsule bottle which will last 1 month of use if taken at the absolute lowest dosage instructions. This is a concern as the product may not be as effective in providing weight-loss results without the need to pay for an additional bottle which may ultimately become expensive to sustain. As there is no other discounts or package offers available, the price may not be worth the underwhelming results.


It is concerning to note that the manufacturer does not offer a guarantee for their product, suggesting a lack of confidence in its ability to perform. While third-party sites, like Amazon,  provide varying guarantees when purchasing this product; this is often only extended to unopened products and deny’s customers the opportunity to test their product. Furthermore, there are very few customer reviews to support the claimed efficacy of this product. This lack of customer testimonial may imply that this product is unpopular and untrusted among consumers.

Phase Health White Kidney Bean Extract Review – The Bottom Line

Phase Health White Kidney Bean Extract has an accurately dosed concentration of the key active ingredient, which is a popular addition in carb blocking formulas for its ability to prevent fat absorption. However, the formula is lacking other ingredients such as Chitosan and Chromium which have been known to effectively support the weight-loss process. In saying so, the lack of these beneficial ingredients may inhibit the potential of this product to provide efficient results in comparison to competing brands. The extended use of this product to achieve results may become expensive and the lack of manufacturer guarantee as well as customer reviews are a concern; implying little confidence in product efficacy, Thus, we do not recommend this product as the carb blocker supplement of choice when there are many other well-supported and affordable total care solutions available.

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