Premium Certified Carb Blocker Premium Weight Loss Supplement Review Carb Blocker Updated August, 2021
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Premium Certified Carb Blocker Premium Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Carb Blocker Premium is said by its manufacturer to be a high grade weight loss supplement made from white kidney bean extract. Carb Blocker Premium is based on the theory that white kidney bean has a paralyzing effect on the stomach enzyme that converts sugar into starch. In addition, it is claimed that white kidney bean also has potent metabolism boosting properties.

To back up the claims for Carb Blocker Premium, the official website references a 12-week clinical study which found that there was a significant drop in weight (more than 85% of it fat loss) for subjects who were supplementing on a concentrated form of white bean extract compared to those who were taking a placebo.

There’s no doubt that these results reflect the potential of Carb Blocker Premium supplement for weight loss. Can that potential be realized for you and your weight loss plan? Read our review below and decide.


The white kidney bean content purportedly works by blocking the breakdown of carbs into sugars, thus helping to prevent the absorption of those sugars. Chromium is said to also reduce glucose levels in  the blood. Chitosan may also contribute to weight loss in calorie-reduced diets. In some clinical studies, subjects were given up to 3000mg of white kidney bean extract and the weight loss results tended to be dramatic. Combining white kidney bean supplementation with other weight loss strategies – such as regular exercise – gives the best and fastest results.


Recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day taken with or without meals.


To buy Carb Blocker Premium go to the manufacturer’s website where, at the time of writing, a single 60-count bottle was priced at $48. A 3-bottle (3-month) supply was set at $91, while a 6-bottle package was $138 or $23 per unit. The company provides multiple ways to pay including PayPal credit, Amazon Payments and credit and debit cards.

Possible Side Effects

The majority of short term studies on white kidney bean extracts indicate that it is largely safe to take, provided it is taken within recommended doses. Mild gastrointestinal discomforts, such as bloating and gas, are some of the most reported side effects of white kidney bean extract supplementation.

People with diabetes and kidney problems should first consult with their doctor to determine whether white kidney bean extract is safe to use as a supplement. While no studies have been done to determine how white kidney bean extract affects pregnancy, it’s recommended that pregnant and nursing women avoid supplementing with it.


You can try out Carb Blocker Premium risk free for 90 days and if you’re not satisfied, you get a full refund, for both opened and unopened bottles that you return.

Premium Certified Carb Blocker Premium Review – The Bottom Line

White kidney extract seems to have potential in terms of weight loss. We found that Carb Blocker Premium exceeds the minimum benchmarks for the key features of a quality weight loss supplement that we’d recommend it. We liked the fact that the major weight loss claim is backed by some verifiable facts. Through our own research, we also located an independent report corroborating the referenced clinical study.

In addition, potential buyers are protected by the 90 day risk-free guarantee offered with every purchase of this supplement. Overall, we believe this is worth trying as part of a weight loss program.

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