NutriGold Garcinia Cambogia GOLD Weight Loss Supplement Review Garcinia Cambogia Updated June, 2023
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Overall Score 55%

NutriGold Garcinia Cambogia GOLD Review

The weight loss industry is a huge one and one that everyone wants to get a piece of. As a result, it is hardly surprising therefore that companies try to develop whatever edge they are able to. This is mostly done through the use of the newest miracle ingredients. Not all companies go about this the right way.

NutriGold Garcinia Cambogia GOLD, however, did things properly and made sure that its product was tested by several independent testers for safety and purity. The problem though is that whilst the studies were valuable, they do not provide links to the said studies.

GOLD is for those looking to lose weight and contains HCA Garcinia Cambogia as its active ingredients. The company recommends that you combine taking the supplement with a sound nutritional and exercise plan in order to see optimal results.


Each capsule contains:

  • 100mg Calcium
  • 140mg Potassium
  • 1000mg 60% HCA Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract
  • 3% Natural Rice Concentrate

It is good that the supplement contains a higher concentration  of HCA and is derived from a pure source of the fruit but the other ingredients could interfere with absorption. Even though the products containing these fillers are marketed as beneficial, most experts agree that the Garcinia Cambogia extract should be taken on its own.


Users are advised to take either one or two tablets three times a day. Considering that each tablet contains mg of the extract, even just taking 3 daily is double what experts recommend as a safe dosage.


The recommended selling price is $59.99 (USD) for a bottle containing 90 capsules – this will last a month at the recommended minimum dosage. It can work out pricey if you go for the maximum dosage though.


It is difficult to see on the manufacturer’s website whether there is actually a guarantee offered. The product is offered through resellers so they may offer their own guarantees.

Conclusion Of Our NutriGold Garcinia Cambogia GOLD Review

This does look as though it is a solid product – it has 60% HCA content – which is higher than normal. The company seems to be on the right track by putting their offering through clinical trials as well. The disadvantage here is in the fillers it contains and the high dosage – it is best to seek a doctor’s advice before trying the maximum recommended dosage.

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