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Myristin Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Myristin softgels are a dietary supplement intended for the treatment of arthritis and its related symptoms such as joint inflammation. It is made from cetylated fatty acids containing a 40% concentration of CMO or cetyl myristoleate. The company boasts that this 40% strength is the highest strength of any CMO product in the world.

Cetyl myristoleate affects fatty acids. It has been shown to be effective in animals and has previously been used on pets such as dogs for the treatment of joint pain.

Myristin is produced through bio-engineering in an organics plant in the U.S. Natural fatty acids and cetyl alcohol derived from coconuts comprise the mixture of cetylated fatty acids which creates the CMO molecule.

EHP Products, Inc produces Myristin which is said to fight arthritis by improving the body’s overall immune system. It does not directly alleviate or treat the symptoms of arthritis and the company makes no claims as to its effectiveness. But it does state that its daily dosage can be reduced after 60 days.


  • Cetyl Myristoleate – 260 mg
  • Cetyl Oleate – 180 mg
  • Cetyl Myristate – 133 mg
  • Cetyl Linoleate – 12 mg
  • Cetyl Palmitate – 7 mg
  • Cetyl Stearate – 6 mg

These ingredients are said to work on the body’s immune system and to alleviate inflammation.  Its inactive ingredients include water, gelatin, silicon dioxide, corn starch,  cellulose and magnesium stearate.


Take three Myristin softgels daily with water on an empty stomach, about 30-45 minutes before meals. But is can also be taken just after meals if you prefer. Three capsules are taken with each Myristin softgel at lunch and dinner, and two at breakfast for a total of eight Myrist-Aid capsules daily.


A bottle of 200 Myristin soft gel pills of 260 mg each retails for $159.95 or 2 bottles for $299.90.  Purchase online through website for only $147.95 or 2 for $287.90.  A bottle of 51 pills of 260 mg retails for $49.95,  2 for $95, 3 for $135 and 4 for $165.95. Purchase online through website and pay only $85 for 2, $123.50 for 3 and  $154.95 for 4.

The product also comes in capsules and there is a Myristin topical cream which is sold in two ounce jars for topical application to affected joints. The cream has a list price of $15.95, but can be ordered online for only $12.95.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer offers no guarantee for Myristin; even though, many other dietary supplements do so.

Myristin Review – The Bottom Line

So what is good about Myristin? First of all, it is a supplement that can be taken in addition to other treatments. The product is also said to improve the immune system and has no known adverse side effects. Most users need only take it for 2 months for between one and two years of relief.

But it is not the only product on the market which offers cetyl myristoleate and there have been no formal studies conducted which prove that it works in the treatment of arthritis. Myristin also offers consumers no guarantees which is a definite downside.

This product has both negative and positive benefits.

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