Candida Balance Symbiotics Review Yeast Infection Updated February, 2024
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Candida Balance Symbiotics Review

Symbiotics is the company that creates Balance. This product is merchandised as a formula of multi nutrients and a detoxifier for the gastro-intestinal tract. It contains probiotics and colostrums. In addition, Candida Balance Symbiotics claims to assist in the maintenance of Candida albicans in balanced levels. At the same time, it promotes the healthy bacteria growth. We checked to see what it contains and wanted to find out how it works.


The effectiveness of Candida Balance is due to the following ingredients:

  • Symbiotics Colostrums Plus- a combination of immunoglobin and polyeptides rich in proline as lactoferrin that is used essentially for the promotion of a strong immune system.
  • Colostrum– mammal’s first milk that is used for treating viral, bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Bifidobacterium- a bacteria class that lives usually in the intestines. These are necessary for the prevention of problems with the intestines. These consume yeast and are included for boosting the G.I. tract.
  • Lactoferrin- this is a milk protein that contains properties that bind iron and properties of bacteria. It is necessary to deprive yeast of the iron it needs to grow.
  • Blends of medium triglyceride chains, gelatin, rice flour and sunflower lecithin.


For this product, the dose recommended is two capsules twice daily before each meal. When physical or environmental stress exists, this dosage can increase as needed. For more rapid healing, Yeast Clear is the product to use. For the first thirty day, take Yeast Clear twice a day and subsequently, increase the dosage to thrice daily with meals.

Side Effects

Bifidobacterium and other similar probiotics can cause side effects including rashes, itching and other allergic reactions.

Long Term Results

Our findings indicate that although there were several positive testimonials for this product, there were just as many negative reviews. The ingredients contained by Candida Balance were good. What we observed was that there may be a lot of good results produced by this product. At the same time, not all who decide to use this product may be satisfied with the results.


From retailing websites as well as the company website, every Candida Balance bottle containing 120 capsules will retail at $29.99. Others range from this price up to $36.00. No discounts were found. One bottle taken twice daily would then last for sixty days. If this is the case, you would then be spending $15 for every thirty days.


The company did not offer a returns policy or a satisfaction guarantee of any sort, as far as we know. There were a few arrangements of returns found on websites of other retailers, however. Customer satisfaction is something credible companies ought to guarantee unless they doubt the standards and quality of their own product.

Conclusion – Candida Balance Symbiotics Review

Considering that this product is not FDA cleared, it would be hard to fully endorse it. Furthermore, it does not even come with any form of guarantee.

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