Vagiderma Natura-Genics Review Yeast Infection Updated November, 2023
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Vagiderma Natura-Genics Review

Natura Genics is the company that manufactures Vagiderma. Claims made by this item include playing a big role in helping to regulate discharge from the vagina that occur as a result of different sources such as infections from bacteria or yeast. When there is discharge coupled with bad odor that is the vaginal region, this is an automatic indication that there may be a bacterial infection or one caused by yeast. Treatment will be required as there are long term ill effects of leaving a bacterial or a yeast infection untreated. How does this work? To find out, some investigating was done by us on what this product contains. The package of this product uses colors in the theme of nature that are attractive and it does catch your eye as a consume on the various retailing sites


Aside from the following oils:

  • coconut oil
  • lavender oil
  • palm oil
  • safflower oil

which are included in the ingredients (all of  which are for the support of regulation of vaginal infection and discharge), this product also include Taspine.

Also known as croton lachleri, Taspine is the main ingredient of Vagiderma. This ingredient is found in different plant life as an alkaloid. It is known for having properties that are antiseptic as well as anti inflammation. To treat a variety of infectious maladies, Taspine has also been combined with other plant medicines.


For Candida Albicans fungal infection, Vagiderma can be utilized with Anti Candid Complex, which is another product. Primarily, this product is used as part of your own hygienic routine. Yeast Clear is a formula more complete for the treatment of a yeast infection. There are sixty capsules in every bottle and you can begin with a daily dose of two capsules—one at night and one upon waking up. After a period of thirty days, you can up your dosage to three capsules each day, one at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner time.

Side Effects

When it comes to Vagiderma Natura, as of the moment there are no serious side effects known. On the other hand, reports that have previously been documented note that Sangre degrade also known as croton lechleri, which are chemicals, may cause a skin sensation of burning when excessively applied.


From the website of resellers, every 142 grams or 5 ounces of this product costs approximately $9.28. There is no listing of this product on the manufacturing company site.


For this product, there is no guarantee that you get your money back if you are not satisfied with it. Unless companies are not sure themselves about their product’s quality or safety, many companies do give one hundred per cent satisfaction money back guarantees to their consumers.

Conclusion – Vagiderma Natura-Genics Review

For personal care and hygiene, this product may work. However, it is not FDA inspected.

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