Premium Certified Gout MD Review - For Relief From Gout Gout Updated September, 2023
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Premium Certified Gout MD Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The following is a review for a product called Gout MD from Premium Certified. Gout is a condition that is suffered by thousands of people worldwide. It leaves you with painful, swollen and red joints. This occurs when your body produces an excess of uric acid which then crystallizes and deposits in the joints. According to the manufacturer, their product helps to regulate levels of uric acid in the body. Additionally, this product could help to relieve the painful symptoms of this condition while also providing preventative benefits.


  • Folic Acid – 1500 mcg
  • Tart Cherry Extract – 400 mg
  • Artichoke Herb Powder – 300 mg
  • Garlic Extract – 220 mg
  • Yucca Herb Stock Leaf – 200 mg
  • Milk Thistle Extract – 175 mg
  • Turmeric Root – 150 mg
  • Dandelion Extract – 140 mg
  • Rutin – 65 mg

We were impressed with the ingredients included in this dietary supplement. The tart cherry extract has been proven effective as a painkiller while folic acid helps to block the production of enzymes that create uric acid. Several of the ingredients included in the formula also helps to flush the body of toxins like uric acid. Additionally, several of the ingredients like the garlic extract and turmeric root help to reduce inflammation and pain.


The recommended daily dosage for this product is two capsules daily. According to the manufacturer, you will notice the best results if you take one capsule in the morning and one capsule at night. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not state if you should be taking this supplement with a meal or on an empty stomach. This may affect your body’s ability to absorb the ingredients in this supplement.


This product is available on the manufacturer’s website for $48.00 for one bottle. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of different packages that provide you with great savings. According to the information that we could find on the manufacturer’s website they recommend that you buy at least six months worth of supply. This package also offers you the greatest savings. If you select the 6-bottle sale, you only pay $23.00 per bottle.


When you buy this product you receive a 100% money back guarantee that is valid for 90 days. We believe that this is one of the best guarantees available when compared to similar products. Another point that we were rather impressed by was the fact that this product is certified by the Good Manufacturing Practice and is made in a facility that is FDA approved.

Premium Certified Gout MD Review – The Bottom Line

When we completed our review of Gout MD, we found that this is an excellent product. It is made from natural ingredients that help to reduce the amount of uric acid in the body while alleviating pain. The manufacturers provide their customers with an astounding discount. Additionally, we were really impressed by the fact that there is a 90-day guarantee on this product and that it is manufactured in a facility that is certified by the FDA.

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