Kyolic Curcumin Review - For Improved Overall Health Turmeric Updated February, 2024
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Kyolic Curcumin Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

In this review we will look at a dietary supplement called Kyolic Curcumin. The product claims to provide a powerful and natural support for healthy inflammation response, joint functions, liver and colon health, cardiovascular benefits, as well as many other nutritional benefits. Read on below to discover all the facts you need to know about Kyolic Curcumin and if it is an effective supplement.


  • Mervia Turmeric Complex – 1000mg
  • Aged Garlic Extract Powder – 300mg

Curcumin is the key antioxidant in the spice turmeric. Mervia Turmeric Complex is a proprietary blend of curcumin and phosphatidylcholine. This combination aids in increased absorption and bioavailability. Aged Garlic Extract Powder is also seen as a very powerful antioxidant. The other ingredients consist out of gelatin, cellulose, silica, and magnesium stearate. The product does not contain sodium, sugar, soy, yeast, dairy, preservatives, gluten, or artificial color or flavor.

Based on clinical studies the product must be standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Furthermore, it must contain 20 mg BioPerine for increased absorption. Lack of these ingredients, may prevent the product from being as effective as other products that do contain these ingredients.


The only information provided by the manufacturer is to take 2 capsules a day with a meal. This information is very vague and customers will be left in doubt when using this product. Customers do not know if the product should be taken in the morning, afternoon, or evening. This may hinder the effectiveness of the product.


Kyolic Curcumin can be purchased locally as well as online from various retailers. Follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s website to make a purchase. A bottle of 50-capsules costs between $16.24 and $29.99. A bottle will not last an entire month. You will need to purchase 2 bottles in order to take the recommended dosage per day. This may become very inconvenient and cause the customer to lose track of what they are purchasing. The manufacturer does not offer bundle deals or discount on the product.


After studying the manufacturer’s website, we were unable to find any evidence of a money-back guarantee. This is very unfortunate as first time customers will not be able to test the product and return it for a full refund if it does not provide positive results. The absence of a return policy will leave the customer at risk.

Kyolic Curcumin Review – The Bottom Line

This review has provided us with many facts. We found a few things that we like about Kyolic Curcumin. The product can be purchased for various prices at various online and local retail stores.

There are also a few things that we do not like about the product. Firstly, the product does not contain 95% curcuminoids for effective treatment. Furthermore, it does not contain 20 mg BioPerine for increased absorption. The absence of these ingredients will not allow it to be effective. Secondly, the manufacturer does not provide enough information concerning the use of the product. Customers do not know when the best time of day is to take the product. This may hinder the effectiveness of the product. Lastly, the manufacturer does not offer a return policy. Kyolic Curcumin does not seem to be a very effective product and is not backed by a guarantee. Therefore, we do not recommend using this product.

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