British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone Review - For Weight Loss Raspberry Ketone Updated September, 2021
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Overall Score 62%

British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Since we are concerned about providing consumers with all the facts, we decided to review Raspberry Ketone. We will determine if the product can produce results and will disclose the information within the review. British Nutritions made the product to act as a metabolism booster, an appetite suppressant and to increase lipolysis or fat burning. The product should act as an antioxidant.


The manufacturer only used Raspberry Ketones as the active ingredient. The ingredient should help to act as an appetite suppressant and increase lipolysis. The inactive ingredient in the product is Vegetable Cellulose.


Speak to a health professional before you consume the product to avoid any side effects. To get the best results, you should consume 1 capsule twice a day with a glass of water. The manufacturer suggested the ideal times for the doses to be immediately when you wake up and half an hour before lunch. You can consume a third dose, which should be half an hour before dinner. The manufacturer stated that the product should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.


You can purchase the product from the official website. The cost of the product is $22. The manufacturer did not include the shipping cost in the purchase price. Consumers cannot get a discount on the product since the manufacturer did not offer it.


The manufacturer did not provide a guarantee for the product. Consumers who want to return the product to claim a refund cannot do that since a money-back guarantee does not exist. When a manufacturer is convinced that the product produces results consistently, then it will offer a money-back guarantee. That is not the case with this product.

British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone Review – The Bottom Line

Our scrutiny of the product revealed everything consumers need to know. After gathering all the information about the product, we can summarize our findings. The manufacturer made the product to act as a metabolism booster, an appetite suppressant and to increase lipolysis or fat burning. The product should act as an antioxidant. Our scrutiny showed us the flaws in the product. Consumers have to bear the burden of the shipping charges since the manufacturer did not include it in the purchase price. Besides paying for the shipping, consumers are not entitled to a discount on the product. The key flaw in the product is its guarantee. The manufacturer did not offer a money-back guarantee, which means consumers are vulnerable to losing their money. If the product is ineffective, consumers had wasted their money since they cannot claim a refund. We also searched for customer feedback but were unable to find any information. If many consumers had purchased the product it would have many customer testimonials. After gathering all the facts, we can conclude that consumers are gambling their money if they purchase the product. Our reasoning is that the product has no guarantee or evidence that it can produce results.; therefore, it is a big risk.

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