GelStat Migraine Review - For Symptomatic Relief From Migraines Migraines Updated April, 2024
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Overall Score 62%

GelStat Migraine Review

Manufacturer’s Claims

This review takes a look at the product GelStat Migraine which is formulated as an under-the-tongue liquid, homeopathic treatment for migraines.

GelStat Migraine has been patented as a plant-based, sub-lingual treatment for migraines and severe headaches. The manufacturer bases its better-than-the-rest, fast-acting claims on the fact that the liquid is dispensed under the tongue, allowing for faster absorption into the bloodstream.

The manufacturer offers consumers the promise of quick, cost-effective relief in a homeopathic, safe and high-quality ingredient composition with no reported side effects.


  • Feverfew – anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ginger – ginger is traditionally used to treat nausea and upset stomach.
  • Ascorbic acid – combats ADHD and the effects of mental stress.
  • Glycerin – helps limit onset and intensity of headaches.
  • Maltodextrin – another name for MSG, used for flavoring and preservative action.
  • Potassium Sorbate – preservative.
  • Purified water
  • Silicon Dioxide – prevents hypertension and also detoxifies blood.
  • Sorbitol – a sugar alcohol for taste.
  • Xanthan gum – thickening agent and stabilizer.

A good balance of natural ingredients that could work very well in combination. However, it is hard to find the exact amounts included in the formulation.

It is important to note that maltodextrin and potassium sorbate can in fact trigger headaches. The individual response will therefore vary, not least according to how well the manufacturer has balanced potential triggers with pain inhibitors. Silicone dioxide is a diuretic and should not be taken in conjunction with other pills.

Dosage Instructions

GelStat comes in measured, single-dose dispensers. One dose should be dispensed under the tongue at the onset of a migraine. Hold under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. Dispense a second dose within 5 minutes, and 30 minutes subsequently if required.


One pack of 4 dispensers is available to purchase online for $9.95. It will cost you $15.99 and $44.75 for 8 or 12 single-dose dispensers. The manufacturer raises the cost-effectiveness of its product as a plus. This is potentially not the case if, for example, 3 doses are required to treat an intense migraine. The 4-pack dispenser would then treat only 1 migraine and not 2.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer states that there are no known side effects. However, foods containing maltodextrin and potassium sorbate have been linked to triggering migraines. Long-term Silicone dioxide intake also has many negative side effects, the worst of which is possible kidney damage due to its diuretic nature.


Our research did not uncover any money-back guarantees or trial offer on the actual manufacturer or other websites.

GelStat Migraine Review – The Bottom Line

This plant- and herb-based remedy shows promise as a fast-acting treatment for migraines. The all-natural composition and sub-lingual delivery is innovative and could potentially lead to swift relief.

It is debatable though as to whether severe intensity migraines would be impacted and show abatement upon consumption of this formula, and to what extent, given the potential triggers also included in the product (see ‘Side Effects’ and ‘Ingredients’). The product has been met by consumers with lukewarm reviews with some citing good improvement of symptoms, and others citing none. Yet others note that increased dosages are required for impact, and that the pain relief is not permanent.

We feel it is misleading for the manufacturer to state the occurrence of no reported side effects. This may be true but the potential for side effects such as kidney damage exists, especially over the long-term, as discussed under ‘Side Effects’.

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