Apex Vitality Forskolin Weight Loss Supplement Review Forskolin Updated April, 2024
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Apex Vitality Forskolin Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Forskolin by Apex Vitality includes in its ingredients, the plant of Coleus Forskohlii which aims to burn excess fat. It is to be taken as a dietary supplement and can help increase the success of weight loss along with building a leaner, slimmer-looking body. Apex Vitality also claims that exercise is not necessary for success and that body fat will be melted just from taking these pills. In this review of Apex Vitality’s Forskolin, we will examine whether it’s the right product out there for you.


There is not much information regarding the complete list of ingredients. All that the website and other websites confirm is that the product includes Coleus Forskohlii which is a plant grown in Asia that has been used in the past to treat high blood pressure and asthma and was recently found to be able to break down body fat and help promote weight loss. The only thing the manufacturer mentions is that 125mg of Forskolin taken in the morning is enough for your body to lose weight. However, compared to other products and research, this is a very low dosage and most likely will not yield results.


The only mention the manufacturer makes about dosage is taking a 125mg dosage of forskolin in the morning. It is nearly impossible to find out for how long it should be taken to see positive results, although some websites claim that it takes about 2-3 weeks.


Apex Vitality does not offer any price on its website. Users first have to input their information to buy the product. Generally, this is what happens when you will be put into an auto-ship program and your first bottle of the product will be free. We found in the small print of the website, that this is, in fact, the case. If you do not cancel your order within 14 days of receiving the free trial, you will automatically be billed $64.99. You will then receive a bottle of this product every 30 days and be charged a rate of $74.98 automatically every month. This is very high for a product of this kind, particularly if the dosage is only 125mg a day.


Apex Vitality has a shorter return policy than other products of this caliber, with a full refund within 14 days of the date the product was delivered. Customers should note that the product cannot be used or open and must be fully sealed and unused. It is not clear if this only applies to the first order or if it is after any of the times the product is automatically delivered to you.

Apex Vitality Forskolin Review – The Bottom Line

While Apex Vitality aims to promote healthy weight loss with their natural ingredient of forskolin and their beautiful marketing on their website, there is not enough information for users to confirm whether the product works. The information provided about the dosage shows a dosage that is very low to achieve results. The price is also very high for a product of this kind and you will automatically be billed this amount every month. These type of programs can be difficult to cancel and leave you not in control of your purchases.

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