Revoderm Brighten Up Review - For Brighter Looking Skin Skin Brightener Updated June, 2023
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 66%

Revoderm Brighten Up Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

In today’s review, we will discuss a product called Revoderm Brighten Up. The manufacturer claims to have developed this product to help brighten and lighten the skin. It also claims to help correct dark spots, pigmentation, and also provide skin repair. Keep on reading to see what Revoderm Brighten Up can do for you and if it is a product worth trying.


Revoderm Brighten Up contains an advanced OTC blend of Hydroquinone and Lactic Acid. These are also stated as the active ingredients. The manufacturer does not seem to provide a list of the rest of the ingredients in the product. Based on our research, other brands contain at least 5 clinically proven patented ingredients, whereas this product contains none. Furthermore, other effective brands seem to contain ingredients such as mallow, peppermint oil, and Alpenrose, just to name a few. We are unsure if this product contains any of these.


The user should apply the cream on uneven pigmentation areas found on the face, neck, and hands. The manufacturer also supplies helpful tips and suggestions on additional products that can be used to provide even better results.


The product can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website, which is very convenient. A pump bottle of 1.75 ounces will cost the customer $99.00. This is quite a lot of money, especially in comparison with other brands. It is also important to take note that there are no bundle deals available and also no discounts.


The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. Only products that have not been excessively used may be returned to the manufacturer within 30-days. This is much to short time to see if the product really works. Thus, you will run a financial risk when purchasing this product. You are better off searching for an alternative manufacturer, one that will provide a solid return policy.

Revoderm Brighten Up Review – The Bottom Line

After our review of Revoderm Brighten Up, we have found a few positive aspects. We like the fact that the manufacturer clearly indicates when and how the product should be used. Also, we like that the product comes in a pump bottle.

Unfortunately, there are also a few negative aspects of the product. First of all, the manufacturer does not seem to back their product with a solid guarantee. In addition to this, the product is priced quite high and there are no cost-effective package deals made available. Finally, and probably the worst drawback to this product is the fact that it lacks essential elements and ingredients that would otherwise make it more effective than other brands. There are no patented ingredients that have been clinically proven and there seems to be a lack of crucial ingredients such as Alpenrose. Due to these reasons, we are unable to recommend Revoderm Brighten Up as an effective skin lightener and brightener.

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