Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care Light Fungus Kit Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated December, 2019
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 53%

Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care Light Fungus Kit Review

Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care Light Fungus Kit is one of the products from Gold Cosmetics and Supplies that is employed as a solution for curing different types of light nail and skin fungus. The Light Fungus kit claims to be two-prong solution to all the embarrassing problems that affect your skin and nails following a fungal infection.

In matters of marketing and packaging, the Light fungus kit comes packaged in a normal bottle and it is marketed through the traditional channels using on line and fixed –shop outlets to reach its target-market.


 One of the things that are conspicuously missing in all the things listed about this product is the ingredients used to concoct it.


Using Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care Light Fungus Kit is a simple and near-routine process. First you need to wash your hands and/or feet with Bleach Cream Soap, and then leave the infected area to dry well so that the pores are open to allow the liquid to have better penetration and work better. Using a cute tip, spread the liquid all over the infected area. You are expected see results in about a week or two, depending on the extent and severity of the fungal infection. At night, use Bleach Soap and Anti Fungal Liquid and repeat the same process in the morning but apply sunblock.As a matter of caution with the use of active products, apply a thin layer and make sure that you do not rub.

Side Effects

Another issue that is notable about this product is that the possible side effects associated with this Light Fungus Kit are not mentioned. But the caution to use sun block with this product raises serious and valid questions that may be only the company can answer, if told they will.


The price of Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care Light Fungus Kit is $ 67 for a month’s use. Remember that this kit is tailored for light fungus only. The Company has a different kit for heavier fungus meaning that the heavier fungus kit is more costly. A simple glace at this clearly passes this product for a pretty expensive one.


 There is no money-back guarantee on this Light Fungal kit.

Conclusion Of Our Gold Cosmetics and Skin Care Light Fungus Kit Review

We can now draw our conclusion in regard to this product in terms of affordability, money-back guarantee, and product safety, inclusion of natural ingredients, long-term benefits, efficacy, and overall value for money.

Here is the verdict: we may say that this is a good product. But beyond efficacy, the product scores poorly. First, it is expensive and you may have to re buy it if it turns out that your fungal infection is stronger than the Light Fungal Kit.Second, there is no money-back guarantee despite the high cost of purchasing it.Third,its ingredients are still a mystery, which raises serious safety concerns among users.

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