Alteril Natural Sleep Aid Review - For Restlessness and Insomnia Insomnia Updated November, 2022
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Alteril Natural Sleep Aid Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The following review focuses on the supplement called Alteril Natural Sleep Aid. With so many supplements claiming to be the best insomnia relief treatment, the pursuit of an effective product can be overwhelming. Reviews such as these are therefore important to help the consumer. This product, is manufactured by Alteril. This manufacturer claims that it could assist the user to get a deep, peaceful sleep, awaken felling rested, and get eight hours of slumber.

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The substance L-Tryptophan, which is an amino acid, can be found in most plants. When absorbed into the body, this element is transformed into a neurotransmitter serotonin. The ingredient melatonin is confirmed to support a person to feel drowsy and increase sleep quality. The maker of this product did not specify the inactive ingredients in the merchandise.


The manufacturer of this health supplement recommends that one or two capsules should be taken, an hour before bedtime. The manufacturer does not state if the capsules should be taken with or without food or drink. The maker of this supplement does declare not to exceed the recommended dosage. However, the manufacturer does state that consumers should first consult with a doctor or health care provider before taking this health product to avoid any possible side effects. Still, the maker of this product does not declare any side effects of this health supplement product.


A 30-capsule bottle is available online, direct from the manufacture’s own website, for $18.95 (excluding shipping fee). The manufacturer of this supplement product offers no discounts nor package deals for consumers.


The manufacturer of this health product does guarantee this supplement and states that a consumer has the right to be refunded. However, the company does not refund the shipping fee and changes a handling fee on returns. The maker of this product does not state the guarantee period and does not state if opened or just unopened bottles qualify for the refund.

Alteril Natural Sleep Aid Review – The Bottom Line

The product Natural Sleep Aid appears to be a promising supplement for getting a good night’s rest. The supplement is also supported by a manufacturer’s guarantee. The product also contains some key clinical proven ingredients. However, there are also some concerns. The guarantee pledge is too unclear. This unclear guarantee basically means that that this policy is actually pointless. The company also does not offer any package deals with discounts, and each order attracts a shipping fee. This makes this product slightly more expensive than other similar products on the market. In addition, the dosage instructions are also a bit unclear. Optimal results are not guaranteed if consumers are not informed how to take these capsules correctly.

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