Kelocote Keloid Treatment Review - For Reducing The Appearance Of Scars Scar Removal Updated February, 2023
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Kelocote Keloid Treatment Review

Kelocote Keloid Treatment is a product for treatment and prevention of scars, comprising of 100% silicone ingredients which provide the optimal environment for healing of the damaged skin tissues. The product is in the form of a smear-proof gel which indicates easy non-sticky application and is also a fast drying gel which simply forms a protective layer over the scar which would smooth out and soften the scar over time while maintaining the hydration levels of the skin. Some other claims made by this product are:

  • Works on both new and old scars.
  • Prevents itching near the scar area.
  • Dries within 4-5 minutes of application and turns transparent.
  • Can be applied under sunscreen or other cosmetics.
  • Is suitable for all skin types and all age groups.


Kelocote Keloid treatment is a 100% silicone product and the only ingredient mentioned by the manufacturer is Siliclear Complex which is a patented proprietary blend of various silicone ingredients like polysiloxane, silicone dioxide and non-volatile silicone components. Though exact information on the ingredients which make up this blend is not given, the following information can be gleaned out from the description of Siliclear Complex:

  • It contains long chain polymers which are responsible for forming a waterproof layer over the scar which acts like a second skin and protects it from further damage.
  • It also contains volatile silicones which help in easy application of the gel and prevent it from getting smeared.
  • Siliclear Complex basically works like silicone sheets do, except that it is fast drying gel and therefore much more convenient to use.


The recommended dosage is applying the gel on the scar twice a day. Applying it right before going to sleep is highly recommended. Dosage should be continued till the scars fade away.

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects of this product as it has been clinically tested to be extremely safe and is also bio-compatible. It is even recommended for children.

Kelocote Keloid Treatment has been proven to have long term results as continued use of the gel does have an effect on healing the scars and reducing their appearance. At least 60-90 days dosage is recommended before the gel can produce any visible effects. The product may also be useful in preventing scars if applied on time such as for preventing stretch marks after pregnancy.


A 6 gms bottle of Kelocote gel costs $21.99. However, the manufacturer offers attractive discounts on bulk purchases. The most recommended option is to buy a 20 gms gel bottle for $39.99. The monthly cost of using this product is a little on the high side. If the scar is small, a 6 gms bottle can last a month. But for medium to large scars, more quantity will be needed.


Kelocote offers a 90 days full refund guarantee for all products. However, the guarantee only extends to products bought from the Kelocote’s official website. The 90 day guarantee does seem to be quite attractive and indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the effectiveness of their product.

Conclusion Of Our Kelocote Keloid Treatment Review

Kelocote definitely seems like a product worth trying considering all the positive user reviews it has got and the claims made by the manufacturer regarding the effectiveness. However, it can be a little pricey for some people.

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