Sunvita PEENUTS Review - For Increased Prostate Support Prostate Updated May, 2022
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 69%

Sunvita PEENUTS Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Sunvita PEENUTS Herbal Prostate Formula is uniquely blended from vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids with the goal of treating prostate issues. PEENUTS aims to restore prostate health without the need to undergo surgical procedures which are expensive and risky. The dietary supplement reduces chronic pelvic pain syndrome and prevents prostate biopsies. It also claims to enhance the functionality of the immune system and improve overall sexual life. Moreover, it can significantly reduce white blood cells in the prostate secretion. Backed by clinical studies, the manufacturer claims that the supplement is very effective in addressing the symptoms of prostate problems. Read our Sunvita PEENUTS Herbal Prostate Formula review to ascertain whether the supplement has the capacity to fulfill its promises.


The ingredients in this dietary supplement include:

  • Vitamin C – 20 mg
  • Vitamin E – 50 IU
  • Vitamin B6 – 20 mg
  • Zinc – 20 mg

Proprietary Blend ingredients – 574 mg

Vitamin C and E are antioxidants that act as an immune stimulant that keeps the body healthy. Vitamin B6 and Ginkgo Biloba promote vascular and nervous system integrity. Nettle Root prevents frequent urination and can prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Zinc, besides being an immune system booster, it also improves sexual function. Echinacea acts as an immune stimulant. Pumpkin Seed contains Copper, Vitamin E, beta-sitosterol and essential fatty acids. Glycine promotes hormone growth and hemoglobin synthesis. Garlic takes care of the immune system and is an antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Pygeum is a good source of beta-sitosterol. Alanine acts as a lymphocyte immune stimulant. Saw Palmetto is a good source of Beta-Sitosterol which benefits BPH. Selenium is an anti-cancer mineral and immune stimulant. Glutamic Acid is an amino acid which helps with prostate health.


The recommended dose for Sunvita PEENUTS is 3 capsules daily taken preferably with meals. For best results, maintain the dose.


A package containing 120 capsules cost $59.95 on the manufacturer’s website, you will also enjoy free shipping. A 5% discount per bottle is offered for subscriptions on automatic shipments.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer has not mentioned any specific side effects associated with this product. However, some of the ingredients may result in adverse effects to users including headaches, itching, and allergies. In addition, they may cause nausea, vomiting, stomach cramping, diarrhea, bleeding, dizziness and heart palpitations. The supplement also can cause serious complications due to its ability to interact with other drugs such as blood-thinning drugs, blood pressure drugs, and diuretics among others.


A limited guarantee of 30 days is offered on purchases of Sunvita PEENUTS. Customers can return unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Sunvita PEENUTS Herbal Prostate Nutrition Review – The Bottom Line

Based on the clinical studies conducted on Sunvita PEENUTS, 69% of men greatly reduced symptoms caused by prostatitis. Going on this research, the supplement seems to be very promising in dealing with prostate problems. However. as this product contains a blend of ingredients, it is not easy to tell how much of each beneficial ingredient is actually found in the product. Despite the product’s 30-day money back guarantee that gives customers the flexibility of testing the product risk-free, the price of Sunvita PEENUTS is very high.

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