Premium Certified Saffron Extract Premium Review - For Weight Loss and Improved Moods! Saffron Updated July, 2022
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Premium Certified Saffron Extract Premium Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The major claim is that Saffron Extract Premium promotes weight loss by suppressing hunger, thus helping you cut back on the calories you consume. It is also claimed that Saffron Extract Premium is a purely natural supplement that contains no synthetic binders or fillers. The manufacturer notes that saffron as an extract has been shown to work based on two randomized, double-blind clinical studies, where participants were measured with an average decrease in appetite of 84%. In addition the company behind Saffron Extract Premium puts an emphasis on the quality of saffron extract you purchase, saying that factor alone can directly affects the weight loss results you get. If you’re considering a saffron extract as part of a weight reduction program, read our full review below to decide if this product fits with your goals.


A single capsule of Saffron Extract Premium contains 200mg of saffron extract in a vegetarian capsule. There are no binders, fillers or other ingredients.


Recommended dosage is 400mg a day, which is two capsules daily taken before meals. It’s crucial not to exceed the recommended dosage because of the potentially negative effects of saffron at higher doses.


Available for purchase from the manufacturer’s product page, Saffron Premium Extract costs $49.95 for a single 60-count bottle. Large savings are had if you buy either the three-bottle package at $29.90 per bottle or the six-unit package at $22.90 per bottle.

Possible Side Effects

Saffron has been widely used in the supplement world, with a relatively good safety record. For the most part, saffron is safe to use at lower doses. The most common reported side effects include nausea, dizziness, anxiety, drowsiness, dry mouth, changes in appetite and allergic reactions in certain situations.

If taken at doses larger than the recommended one, saffron may be unsafe. Doses larger than 12 grams are potentially lethal. Large doses may exacerbate heart problems and bipolar disorder. People with low blood pressure should not take saffron supplements.

Saffron should not be taken while pregnant as it causes miscarriage due to uterus contractions.


You can try Saffron Extract Premium risk free for 90 days as the company accepts back both open and unopened product. This gives you time to test the efficacy of the supplement before committing to the purchase and also allows you to take advantage of the multi-bottle savings without worrying about losing any of the purchase cost.

Premium Certified Saffron Extract Premium Review – The Bottom Line

We like fact that there are references from the Saffron Premium Extract product website to clinical studies that support some of the claims made for the product. In addition, we were also pleased by the 90-day risk free money back guarantee offered with every purchase of this supplement. Add to that the fact that it’s made according the cGMP standards in and FDA-registered lab and we feel this is a product worth trying. Overall, we think Saffron Extract Premium can help you curb your eating and those cravings that make it hard to lose weight.

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