MPM Medical Anti-Fungal Cream Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Ringworm Updated June, 2024
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Overall Score 59%

MPM Medical Anti-Fungal Cream Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Read our review below about MPM Medical Anti-Fungal Cream. A cream formulated by the manufacturer to bring relief to Ringworm and Jock Itch.


  • Clotrimazole – 1%
  • Vitamins A, D, & E

To prevent the growth of fungus, Clotrimazole and Vitamin E is used. As a defense against bacteria, pollutants, and infection, Vitamin A is used. To reduce the risk of infection, Vitamin D is used.

The above potency seems to be quite effective, but clinically proven key ingredients are crucial. Ingredients such as, Eugenia Caryophyllus (antiseptic), Jojoba Oil (hydrates), Black Walnut Oil (antifungal), Lemongrass Oil (anti-inflammatory), Propolis Extract (prevents the spread of fungus), Menthol (anesthetic and anti-itching agent), Lavender Oil (anti-fungal properties), Sweet Almond Oil (relies itching, and burning), Aloe Barbadensis (anti-inflammatory), Camphor Oil (treats swelling and inflammation), Flaxseed Oil (soothing and calming), Manuka Oil (anti-fungal and antibacterial properties), Tea Tree Oil (antiseptic), Chia Oil (rich source of nutrients), Mineral Oil (moisturizer), Canola Oil (maintains a healthy balance of yeast), and Tocopheryl Acetate (promotes hydration) will assist by penetrating the skin to attack deeply rooted fungus, while soothing and alleviating uncomfortable symptoms. Undecylenic Acid is the most important ingredient for getting rid of fungal infections.


It is recommended to clean the affected area and to dry it thoroughly. Then apply a thin layer of the product over the affected area twice daily (morning and night) or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.  If children are using this product it should be done under supervision. Attention should be paid to spaces between the toes for the treatment of athlete’s foot, wear well-fitting, ventilated shoes, and change shoes and socks at least once daily. For athlete’s foot and ringworm treatment, use daily for 4 weeks. For jock itch, use daily for 2 weeks. If the condition persists for longer, a healthcare practitioner should be consulted.


One tube of 4 Oz at a price of $7.13 may be bought through third-party retailer’s and directly from the manufacturer’s website.


The manufacturer does not offer a guarantee but has the following guidelines if an item has to be returned.
Products with a value equal to or under $25 are not returnable, all returns are subject to a restocking fee, returns without a returned goods authorization number will not be accepted, items being returned must be in a unused condition (in the original packaging), and has to be returned at the consumer’s expense.

MPM Medical Anti-Fungal Cream Review – The Bottom Line

This product is a very affordable antifungal cream, and it does contain an ingredient that fights against fungal infections. That being said, this product does not measure up to clinically proven ingredients, as it contains only one ingredient which prevents the fungus from spreading. The clinically proven key ingredients have a dual action as it penetrates the skin to attack deeply rooted fungus, while soothing and reducing painful symptoms. We are unable to find any consumer reviews. The consumer might rethink their decision to purchase this product as the manufacturer does not offer any money-back guarantee.

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