Krystal Clean Review - For Combating Nail Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated November, 2022
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 59%

Krystal Clean Review

Krystal Clean Nail Fungus Treatment is an antimicrobial and antibacterial solution that is used in the treatment of   various types of nail fungus infections.As a normal and established market tradition, this formula also has its own share of claims it presents to its users and would-be users. Some of these claims are listed below:

  • Medical strength formula containing aloe which promotes optimal healing for healthy nails;
  • It kills 99% of most of the fungal and bacterial microbes ;
  • Safety of usage on both nails and skin with no harmful acids, oils or alcohol contents;and
  • Recommended use with artificial nails.

All these acclaimed results are noticeable in a few weeks.

In terms of marketing and packaging, Krystal Clean Nail Fungus Treatment uses no special channels and packages.


This solution has the following ingredients that constitute its potency to help in the treatment of  nail fungus infections. These ingredients are:

  • Active ingredient- Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1%
  • Other ingredients- Water, Betaine, Amine Oxide, Aloe Vera, HPMC, Germaben, Tea, Quaternium 12-15, Citric Acid, Urea, Methyl Glycol, CTAT, Alfernol 3.


The exact administration process of this solution is missing.


 The cost of purchasing Krystal Clean Nil Fungus Treatment is $8.95.


There is no money-back guarantee with the purchase of this solution. This means that you do not have a fall-back to resort to just in case the solution fails to deliver on its promise.

Conclusion Of Our Krystal Clean Review

There is a good chance that this product may be one of the better ones on the market, but all that goes down the drain when they fail to provide a guarantee for their product. 

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