Human Potential Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Supplement Review Garcinia Cambogia Updated January, 2021
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Overall Score 61%

Human Potential Garcinia Cambogia Review

For both women and men, weight problems have lately become a major issue. As a response to this recurrent and worrying problem, this dietary supplement promises to help you overcome all the obstacles and recover your figure. The ingredients of this product are expected to help you achieve the figure you have always dreamed of. Although many customers show a positive attitude towards the effects of this product, there are still people who claim that the product is far from delivering what it promises. The packaging the product is delivered in is not precisely attractive. This might be one of the reasons potential clients are reluctant to buy it.


  • Calcium (hydroxycitrate) – 50mg
  • 500mg Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA)
  • Potassium (hydroxycitrate) – 70mg


The recommended dosage is 1 capsule twice a day, preferably 30 minutes before each meal and accompanied by an 8oz glass of water. It is advisable not to exceed the recommended dosage, especially since side effects such as nausea and headaches might appear.

The obtained results might be long-lasting if you continue to regularly take the product.


You can currently purchase 1 bottle (containing 80 capsules) for $29.95. Since the current price is practically 50% lower than the initial one, one capsule will cost you about $0.37. One bottle represents a month’s supply.


The answer is YES. The product offers a refund guarantee should the results not satisfy you.

Conclusion Of Our Human Potential Garcinia Cambogia Review

All in all, it is a good weight loss product. However, there is a downside that might make you feel tempted to try a different product: this product is not as efficient as it should be if it is not complemented with physical exercise. This makes it unsuitable for busy lifestyles. In addition, since this product supresses your food cravings, you will find it difficult to eat what you want.

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