Reserveage Nutrition Menopause Advantage Review - For Symptoms Associated With Menopause Menopause Updated July, 2024
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Reserveage Nutrition Menopause Advantage Review

Stating its power in just two major ingredients, Resveratrol and Dong Quai, Menopause Advantage – Reserveage Nutrition is said to be a natural supplement designed to restore hormonal balance in the female body. According to the manufacturer, these two active ingredients along with the infusion of GenVIDA genistein in this particular product have the ability to calm the body as it goes through hormonal changes, and support the cell youth. In regards to the specific side effects it can address, Use of the GenVIDA genistein, an allergen-free form of the phytoestrogen genistein, Menopause Advantage – Reserveage Nutrition is specifically designed to reduce the intensity and occurrence of hot flashes.


Being free of dairy, corn , gluten, preservatives, soy, sugar and wheat this formula is safe for most vegetarians.  In addition to Resveratrol, Menopause Advantage may also include:

  • Vitamin K12 – 45 mcg
  • Dong Quai extract – 100 mg
  • Pomegranate extract – 250 mg
  • Japanese Knotweed extract – 100 mg
  • geniVida Genistein – 54 mg
  • Black Cohosh extract – 40 mg

While the ingredients of Menopause Advantage appear quite impressive and it is noteworthy that some great phytonutrients are being included in this formula, other important supplements such as ammonium succinate are not. With that stated, it would be advisable for one to investigate further before making a firm decision on its use as other products on the market may be more efficient.  Additionally, the website does not offer a full list of ingredients, so one must have a bottle in hand to determine the exact ingredients.


The recommended dosage is one to two pills daily.


A bottle with 60 capsules costs 30.49 USD, which is in the same price range with similar products.  Based on the recommended dosage, one bottle should last a month, making your cost about 1.00 USD per day.  The manufacturer does not offer direct purchase but offers a link to retailers.


We were unable to identify details of a refund policy on the manufacturer’s website, but email and phone contact information is provided.  As the website does not offer retail sales, contact with your place of purchase may be necessary if you are not satisfied with the product.

Conclusion Of Our Reserveage Nutrition Menopause Advantage Review

On the surface, Menopause Advantage – Reserveage Nutrition sounds like a good, reliable product. However, the formula is may not provide quite the results you may need for the price.   More active ingredients being included in the formula would have made it much more attractive. While black cohosh and dong quai are both great herbal extracts used traditionally in treating the symptoms of menopause, others could have been added for a more potent effect.

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