Premium Certified Yacon Syrup Premium Weight Loss Supplement Review Yacon Updated February, 2024
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Premium Certified Yacon Syrup Premium Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The diet supplement industry is one of the biggest in today’s market. As obesity rates have risen, so have the number of weight loss products that you can find being sold. However, some manufacturers just try to put out a product with the latest popular weight loss ingredient without actually researching what will be effective. Or they try to cut costs so they don’t incorporate enough of the required ingredient into the capsule or they add unnecessary binders and fillers to bulk it up. This review takes a look at the weight loss product Yacon Syrup Premium which is based on a formula that scientific studies found to be effective.

Premium Certified Yacon Syrup Premium Formula

This is a pure product that only contains the single ingredient yacon syrup derived from the root of the yacon plant. The yacon plant is native to the Andes mountains in South America and it contains the special compound called Fructooligosaccharides (FOS). FOS is what gives yacon all its benefits. This product contains 50% FOS which is slightly higher than what research found to be effective. Yacon syrup is believed to help with weight loss as it is thought to reduce the production of hormones that make you feel hungry and increase the production of hormones that make you feel full. It is also believed to have the benefit of reducing blood glucose.

Premium Certified Yacon Syrup Premium Instructions

This product comes in the form of a syrup which you can add to your tea or coffee, or you can even pour it over pancakes. It is recommended to take one teaspoon three times a day, preferably before meals.


This product is easily available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer offers a few different purchasing options online. You can buy one bottle for $48. There are also multi-pack options available which provide some discounts. You can buy three bottles for $99, four bottles for $119, and five bottles for $139.

Possible Side Effects

As this is a natural product, there are no mentioned side effects. However, exceeding the recommended dosage may lead to mild flatulence. It can also increase the frequency of defecation.


This product is manufactured in a lab that is FDA registered as well as cGMP certified. The manufacturer also follows the quality standards set by the US Pharmacopeia. Yacon Syrup Premium also comes backed with a 90-day money back guarantee. The great thing about this guarantee is that you are able to return both opened and closed bottles for a refund where a lot of guarantees offered by other manufacturers only allow you to return closed, unused bottles.

Premium Certified Yacon Syrup Premium Review – The Bottom Line

This product seems to be a good one to try out. It is based on both a formula and dosage that was found effective through clinical trials. It also follows top industry standards for a quality product. The manufacturer also backs up this product with a 90-day money back guarantee, showing their confidence in the product. This seems to be a product that you can try without worry.

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