LiveWell Labs Pure Moringa Extract Review - For Weight Loss and Improved Health And Well Being Moringa Updated September, 2021
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LiveWell Labs Pure Moringa Extract Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The following review is for a product called Pure Moringa Extract, manufactured by LiveWell Labs. This dietary supplement is made from the concentration of a plant called the Moringa tree. The Moringa Oleifera extract, which comes from this tree, is used in their product and they claim that it reduces inflammation, balances cholesterol levels and boosts energy in a natural way. It is also said that Pure Moringa Extract is filled with many nutrients and can be used as a daily supplement and antioxidant. Read our Livewell Labs Pure Moringa Extract review below to learn more.


The primary ingredient found in this supplement is 20% pure Moringa Oleifera extract found within each 1200mg serving. The ingredients have been tested by a third-party. The product also includes vitamins such as Vitamin A and E and minerals such as calcium, potassium and zinc. A vegetarian capsule is used and is safe for use by vegans. It is also soy free and gluten free. What we like about Pure Moringa Extract is that it does not contain fillers, artificial additives or binders.


It is suggested by LiveWell labs to take one capsule two times a day, with water. It is also recommended that it be taken 30 minutes before a meal for best results.


Pure Moringa Extract can be purchased online through their webpage, LiveWell Labs. You will pay $49.95 per bottle containing 60 capsules, for a 30-day supply. You can also receive a discount when buying this product in bulk. Buying a bulk package deal of 3 bottles will cost $139.95, and 6 bottles will cost $240.00. The bulk package deals include free shipping, however international purchases still have to pay the given shipping fee.


LiveWell Labs offers a 365-day money-back guarantee, which is risk-free. One must call the customer service department to find out how to ship the product back. Only once the product has been received by the company, will they refund you your money back. Calling the customer service department could take some time and demotivate one to return the product. It is unclear what customers think of Pure Moringa Extract, as we are unable to find any reviews or comments. It was however stated by LiveWell Labs that customers really like the product.

LiveWell Labs Pure Moringa Extract Review – The Bottom Line

Pure Moringa Extract contains one very essential ingredient, which is designed to offer many health benefits. The product is gluten- and soy-free, does not contain artificial additives, and can be used by vegans. Even though this product claims all these wonderful benefits, we do however see a few concerns. The option of being able to return the product is good, however sitting on a customer care line can be time-consuming. Finally, we are unable to find customer reviews on this product which may indicate this product is not widely used. After we have reviewed this product, we cannot recommend this supplement as we think there are better alternatives out there that are more widely used and have good consumer reviews.

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