SLMD Facial Moisturizer Review - For Younger Healthier Looking Skin Moisturizer Updated August, 2021
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 67%

SLMD Facial Moisturizer Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

SLMD Facial Moisturizer claims to have a lightweight and hydrating formula, replenishing skin complexion and moisturizing skin all day. However, is this product the best possible anti-aging facial moisturizer available for purchase? From the product formula to customer support, we shall examine various aspects to determine if this product is, in fact, a wise purchase choice.


It is unfortunate and highly concerning to note that the manufacturer does not provide the formula information on their website. The absence of this information means we do not know the concentration of the ingredients or if the formula contains fillers or binders.

The only ingredient that we know of is Vitamin C, as this ingredient is advertised on the product packaging. Vitamin C is a popular ingredient that is often used in skincare products for its protective antioxidant properties as well as its ability to synthesize collagen. These benefits promote more youthful-looking skin as the antioxidants maintain a balanced complexion free from oxidative damage while the collagen plumps skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While this ingredient is beneficial, it is often used as a supportive ingredient and not the sole active ingredient. Competing products have up to 4 patented ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver results; such as protective Glucare S 2%, wrinkle-reducing Argireline NP, and collagen-boosting Trylagen PCB. The lack of patented ingredients – or information of any other ingredients for that matter – makes us question both the quality and potential efficacy of this product. Furthermore, there is no mention if this product is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, or manufactured in a GMP certified facility; therefore, we are uncertain if the production processes were ethical or up to the market standard.  This is a concern.


There is no information on the manufacturer’s website stating instructions for use, the number of applications required for best results, or the lifespan of the product. This is a concern and shows little considering for the customer. Furthermore, the lack of concentration prevents us from knowing of this product is potent enough to fulfill on its claims. As the formula is largely a mystery, we highly recommend doing a patch test first before applying this product.


A 2.0 oz bottle of SLMD Facial Moisturizer can be bought from the manufacturer’s website for $30. For the amount of product received, this is a relatively costly price – especially since the lifespan of the product is undetermined. The sustained use of this product may become expensive as there are no supportive discounts or bulk offers available. Whatsmore, the site is out of stock of this product and we are uncertain when, or if, this product will become available again. In saying so, there are many other products with quality ingredients available for purchase and may be a better purchase choice.


SLMD offer a 30-day return policy for their product. While this may appear sufficient, the policy does not give information to whether partially used and tested products qualify for a refund. This may suggest that the manufacturer is not entirely confident in the product efficacy and does not instill much confidence. Whatsmore, we were unable to find enough customer reviews on third-party sites to validate the manufacturer’s claims of efficacy. This may imply that this product is not a popular nor trusted solution among consumers. This is a concern.

SLMD Facial Moisturizer Review – The Bottom Line

SLMD Facial Moisturizer claims to be a hydrating and replenishing facial moisturizer. The packaging promotes the products Vitamin C content, which has been known to support more youthful-looking and nourished skin. However, the lack of information provided by the manufacturer is a concern. From a lack of an ingredient list to no instructions of use; we are not certain exactly what is in this product to make it fulfill its claims. This lack of transparency is way below the market standard and does not inspire much confidence in the product efficacy. Although there is a refund policy, it’s vague and does not offer significant customer support. These reasons; combined with absent customer reviews, is why we do not recommend this product as a wise purchase choice.

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